what i wore

has it really been a week? 

i actually write blog posts all the time, they just rarely make it out from my head to the page, but today is my morning off. woohoo! because philip, my husband, works so many nights, weekends, he gives me one morning a week to "sleep in" (though i could hear jude crying at 7am and texted philip finally saying, try something else...different food, let him out of his high chair...). so i have some "me" "business" "yay" time this morning. 

and its snowing here. i really love snow. one of the perks of living in new england. monday was abnormally warm. i sort of wanted to sulk about global warming, but i decided to enjoy it. jude and i walked our errands in town and even got an iced coffee. because it has been so cold at times here already (-2*F) that makes 45 feel like a heat wave. but its snowing. so yay. 

view from my desk of my office/j's playroom. i hope to share pictures soon. its just still a mess, but a lot better after a hard weekend of work. 

and so what i wore. 

you guys. (or you two friends that read my blog rather...) my outfit is sort of sad and philip really is a terrible photographer (he has many gifts, this is not one). i thought snow - lots of fluffy snow, how hard would it be to take a decent shot? i looked at the pictures and said, i don't think i can use any of these. he didn't respond. 

jcrew outlet khaki vest
jcrew final sale green turtleneck tissue t
grey h&m leggings
hunter yellow boots (because i do not have snow boots)
vonzipper glasses (my real ones with prescription)
one delightful button earrings 

also, note, i thought, i should wear real pants. jeans. khakis, but then i thought. no. this is real life and this is more like what i normally wear because jude and i am usually walking somewhere. 

happy wednesday

pleated poppy


  1. you are super cute! and I'm jealous you can pull off leggings as pants. :)

    ps- you're a true northerner already. or maybe it's because you're a true blacksburg-er. If it snowed down here we'd never trek out in just a tee and vest. mama would be in full-on eskimo gear!

    1. Ashley - I'm not sure if I can pull them off. I just kind of wear them unless I am going somewhere important. :) But thanks for your comment.

  2. So cute! Love the boots!

  3. this is such a cute look! Love the pop of color on a snowy day!

    C's Evolution of Style

  4. What a great look for winter! I wish there were snow where I lived so that my outfits popped more!

    Kate @ A Journey in Style


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