what i wore...

back with a what i wore wednesday...

be honest...do i look creepy in the picture below? 

sweater // old navy 
pants // forever 21 *
boots // llbean boots from my valentine
watch // fossil

*didn't think i would get printed pants...but who can resist them? probably one of those things we'll look back at years from now and think, what were we thinking? and then 20 more years later we'll say those vintage pants are so cool, i wish i had held onto them...dontcha think? 

bonus points for anyone that can find the pink crimper my sweet toddler put in the laundry basket while i was taking vain pictures of myself. 

linking up to the pleated poppy...
pleated poppy
happy wednesday y'all


  1. Hi! I'm stopping by via the link up :) I love this outfit, especially your bean boots! I was just telling my husband this week I want some.

    1. thanks rebecca! the bean boots were a surprise - but i have already used them a bunch! hope you get some boots too!

  2. those pants are adorable! xo


  3. you're too cute! love the pants, those boots, and the crimper in the hamper!

    C's Evolution of Style

  4. You look great in those pants! I've tried several pairs on but I've yet to find a pair I love!

    Fizz and Frosting

    1. Lauren, It took me trying on a few pairs. I loved the way the floral ones look, but they felt a little too busy for me!

  5. Awesome outfit - I love it and I love "What I Wore Wednesday" - so fun.

  6. adorbs. If I tried to wear those pants, I'd look like 101 dalmatians - no really - like 101 rolly dogs had tried to squeeze into my britches. but you? you pull them off & look so cute!


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