so - i have not blogged much. have you noticed? yes, you my sister, my two friends and the occasional reader that reads this. i just wanted to say i am thinking. i am doing some soul searching and some God searching on what He really wants from me and my work, life. 

i really love one delightful button. and sometimes i love this blog (no offense to you, just sometimes writing isn't my thing). but as i am trying to reflect on how i spend my time, i am trying to figure out what is best. because sometimes what i think is important - like this little business - causes me to miss out on little things with my son or my husband or other important people in my life. or sometimes i don't feel like cooking dinner, cleaning the house, or exercising, but honestly, that is probably a personal problem. 

and i want to make sure i am not trading something good for the best. does that make sense? 

in the mean time, i am enjoying making a TON of button earrings for young life camps, the fact that we are on the verge of the spring (although, this week may have just been a teaser - 30's next week forecasted in new england) & that i am sitting at starbucks on this lovely wednesday morning. 

and in honor of spring, here is a somewhat spring outfit. it's still cold here...this is a wishful thinking spring outfit. 

jcrew jeans
green converse 
zara sweater from plum consignment ($12!)
scarf is a gap scarf from years ago that i cut and turned into an infinity - booya

pleated poppy


  1. I think I contemplate this every.single.week. no joke. Anything that is remotely selfish (such as blogging) makes me question my priorities. I think it's good to realize where you're spending your time. I think it's good to evaluate and realign your priorities. But I also think it's good to have a creative outlet, a place to share my voice, and for me, that's the blog. I'll miss your little space if you leave!


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