Few More Updates...

Philip relaxing on a Sunday afternoon...

Sorry we've been slow to update pictures! As the school year has picked up we have not had much time to work on the house. We have a few projects in mind for the holidays. Here are a few pictures of the house...
The old library table works perfectly in our dining room!

A shot from above...with our new sisal rug
Mmm we made pasta we some leaders this fall...Ready for thanksgiving!

A few shots of my dressing room. Its hard to really see it with my camera. Philip and I got the dresser below at my favorite antique store in Norfolk!


dining room & kitchen

we celebrated our one year anniversary on august 30!

dining room - before refinishing

philip did a coat of stain and 3 coats of polyurathane.

here are the stairs - we also stained them
kitchen - with new hardware!


a few more shots

philip painting...

"The Bathroom designed while on drugs"

Nothing has happened here yet...but eventually we will update it. Mom says this bathroom was a drug-induced design, but the pictures don't really do it justice.

Master Bedroom & Study

our beautiful seafoam original siding at 3505...

this pretty accurate captures how we looked for the past few weeks working on the house...

this is the room we're using as a study. the ceilings matched the yellow walls.

mom & aunt robyn came to paint...we primed over this blue in several rooms in the house. this is what will be my closet. it isn't finished yet, but the master was also this shade of blue.

master bedroom...with the carpets up!

and the study - this is taken in the dark so its hard to tell, but the hardwoods also look pretty good!


Project #2 The Kitchen...still in progress

The Big Bird Kitchen
...Aunt Robyn called it this...maybe you'll understand why...

The kitchen also was pretty dark. There were bigger aluminum awnings on the outside, which prevented any sunlight from coming in. We took those down and torn down the wallpaper.

We took down the cabinets in order to paint them...and we ate out a lot.
And here are the linoleum floors. We'd like to tile, but that will have to wait.

No one at the paint store mentioned to me that a semi-gloss makes the color a lot more vibrant. I also don't recommend picking a color just because you like the name of it.
It was called 'pure joy'.

Cabinets are back up and Philip and his dad are beginning to tile the countertop!

The beard has just filled in because we have been so busy working on the house...I didn't even notice until Stacy pointed it out.

We haven't finished painting the cabinets, but I was excited to finally put some dishes in the cabinets! We haven't decided if we will put the shelf above the kitchen back up or put in a light fixture instead...let me know if you have any ideas.... :)

Thanks Aunt Robyn and Uncle Chuck for the microwave!!

I would love to keep the cabinet open without doors,
but haven't decided if that will look good or not.
We haven't decided what to do with the ceiling fan yet...we are thinking about track lighting.

Our little pantry area...still in progress as well

Cabinet Hardware...
I haven't decided on hardware yet. I initially wanted a clear glass knob like this one below.

Then I thought a cool bin pull would be fun...but both are a little bit too expensive so I haven't decided yet.

Our New Home

Project #1: The Family Room

Our first project was the living room. It was really dark so we sanded down the
wood paneling and trim to brighten up the room.

Amie, a friend that goes to Princess Anne High, came by to help for the day.
You can see the new taupe color in the background and white trim.

The furniture isn't really in order yet, but at least we have one room done.
You can see the screened in porch off the back, which as served as our painting area for now.