one delightful button gift guide // black friday sale!

so much for goals apparently...two children has required a lot of juggling. if i wake up early to do work, they wake up early. if i stay up late to do work, they can't fall asleep that night. 

it's thanksgiving eve, i'm working like a banshee getting ready for black friday and i had a brainstorm. i finally got both children to nap at the same time. well one is napping, one is having "quiet time" in his room, but regardless its a unicorn kind of moment for me. 

for black friday i am doing a MAJOR sale. my stuff is always free shipping in the US, but friday everything is buy one, get one free (equal or less value). at check out, there is a section for notes and just note what you would like for free. 

also, 19% of profits are still going to young life africa response fund

if you are looking for some ideas on how to spend that money....i have some! 

for the hipster

for your kids teachers

for the stylish friend

these are just a few of the fun combo i came up with...there are obviously endless possibilities ;)

hope you have a happy thanksgiving holiday!