a few more saranac pics

a little family kayak trip
it was a pretty quick trip. jude was not such a fan of sitting still a kayak. 

 jude and dad hanging out in the club room.

 a christmas themed party. i ALWAYS love anything christmas. 

 some of my gal pals for the month. proudly wearing my gap outlet $10 skirt. yes please.

 we got a little downtime together last saturday. philip & jude playing on beach. 

a crummy quality pic...but one delightful button goods at the camp store at saranac!

it's been an awesome month as we get ready for our big move! 



it's almost over.

our month at saranac is winding down. i know there is one full week left, but after spending three weeks here, i know how this last week will fly. and it's sad, but okay at the same time.

we are the verge of major life transition. moving to the north shore of boston. what philip reminds me when i get anxious about it is two things. God is good is going to take care of us there like he has in the past. and that this doesn't change. this meaning the three people in the pictures above. we still get to be us. we still get at end the day together at home. i'm sad to leave my friends here at saranac and to see the end of one of my favorite times of the year (summer & young life assignment), but there is an excitement in us for what is next...



a few instagrams to sum up the past few wonderful weeks. 

we are in the beautiful adirondack mountains at a young life camp called saranac. it is seriously one of the most beautiful places on the earth. the camp is one of the adirondack great camps and was built in the early 1900s. it is so much fun to be at a place with such rich history. not to be punny, but seriously rich. i can't believe we get to live for a month where the wealthy vacation. it is beautiful and we are grateful to get to be a part of what God is doing here. 

on to the pics...

jude snoozing. getting so big. 

quick day trip to lake placid. i beat philip in the downhill ski in the olympics. 

50's night with the whole fam (minus em)

enjoying the assignment team's pontoon boat, which we affectionately call the party barge

country night. twinning in our overalls. channeling my sister caroline.

our assignment team party last week. theme: michael jackson and whitney houston memorial. 
can you say #iwannadancewithsomebody ? 

i'm currently watching bachelorette while i write. so i should go. 
thanks for reading!


Delightful Bridesmaid Gifts

Wanted to pop in quick to share with you an adorable bridal party wearing one delightful button earrings! Kellie picked out yellow mums and fabric buttons for all of her bridesmaids and I think they give the perfect pop of color to her navy and yellow wedding. 
photographer: Lauryn Galloway

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