if you haven't noticed the ticker at the bottom of the screen....i looked at it today & thought i'd point it out to you. i'm sitting upright, walking a lot, and drinking my hippie tea from macy.

just waiting still...


no baby yet.

Yesterday was my due date. My unborn child did not get the memo. We are still waiting. I am 75% effaced...2cm dilated....the babe's position is 0. All good progress, but now we wait. I have never been really good at waiting. I'm hanging in there though.

I am still working a few hours a day. People have told me to take off and some days that is nice, but I am afraid of sitting around and being aggravated that he is not here yet. I think I should look for a good fiction book to keep me busy. Any suggestions?

I'd love to sit on our screened in porch and read. We had a great taste of fall weather last week, but we're back in summer again. I am still pretending its fall. (Officially the 23rd I believe...so mostly our little baby will be a fall baby - even though most people think its fall already).

a snapshot of our lovely screened in porch from last halloween
I have found it's harder for me to want to go places at this point. Everyone laughs about how the baby is not here yet and I think it makes me anxious. And I get tired of answering questions about whether he is here or not. Obvi we will let you know people!

Anyways. Waiting. And sorry if I sound sassy.


40 weeks (on tuesday)

I can't believe we have made it this far. Nine months feels like forever. I feel like I have been pregnant for an eternity.  Am I ready to have the baby? Yes, but I am also just used to the uncomfortableness of being pregnant. The baby is somewhere around the size of a watermelon....and he feels like it this weekend. I feel like Philip has to pull me up off the couch most of the time and then my feel hurt to walk on. And don't get me started on my knees. I haven't done lunges in quite sometime because of the terrible pain associated with bending my knees. 

I'm not one of those huge - whoa! - pregnant people. In my mind I am not that much bigger than I was earlier this summer, though I am sure I am. The doctor estimated last week the baby was about 7lbs. We'll see. I had high hopes he would come early. It just seemed like a good idea, but so far it is not looking like he is going to make an early appearance. I am 1cm dilated & 75% effaced if you know the lingo and this was two weeks ago....I did not have them check me again because I didn't want to know if I had not progressed. I go again tomorrow & I will be having them check this time.

I also had in my mind that the baby would be here by the time new shows started coming on. (like Modern Family & Grey's & the Office this week). That may not be the case.

Enjoy your Sunday & this fall weather!


how to make furniture lovely + shiny

We have been working hard to make the baby's room wonderful. We are also still very cheap. This was the look of the furniture before Philip made it beautiful and shiny and white. 

The changing table was purchased for $10 at the Thrift Store. The dresser was $75 from our favorite antique store in Norfolk - Country Boy.

Here's what he did: 

  1. Strip the dresser with paint stripper
  2. Light sanding
  3. Oil-based primer, then lightly sanded (repeat 2x)
  4. Two coats of high gloss paint
  5. Two coats of water based polyurethane
...I am grateful that he is super patient because that is a lot of painting & waiting, but we love the final product!

Only a few more things to do. Hopefully we will be ready for him when he is ready!



yum! Have you ever had this delicious drink?

I went to a lovely wedding on Sunday of a wonderful friend. They married on the water in a beautiful neighborhood in Virginia Beach. Following the ceremony, the guests were sent to the front of the house cocktail hour. Usually being pregnant this time is not a winner for me. All the fun drinks involve alcohol, but to my delight I walked around the house to see lots of guests drink coca-cola from glass bottles with yellow striped straws & this yummy drink.

I had two & probably would have had more had they not run out. But now I love it. Pregnancy has really made me love lemonade & limeade. Not sure why...but thank you San Pellagrino for making this delicious drink.

In other news...38 weeks pregnant...no baby yet.


how i got the stroller of my dreams

As I mentioned in previous posts I had a hard time making up my mind on a stroller. Let's just say I have expensive taste and not the wallet to match. I had started looking for strollers on Craigslist...with some potentially interesting options, but nothing worth following up with.

One Saturday in June Philip and I set aside the morning to do some yard sale shopping. (One of my favorite things to do on the weekends...especially with all the steals you can get on baby stuff!) I had mapped out a few places to go and before we left I packed $100 cash and I decided so search on craigslist one more time. However, I decided this time to search "bugaboo yard sale." I had not even seen a bugaboo listed on craigslist in our area, but then...the first post that pops up was a yard sales with a bugaboo stroller at it in Virginia Beach! woo hoo!

So we rush over to the address listed, trying not to get my hopes up. I tell myself if it is red, I will be interested. Nice neutral option. And if it is less than $200. We pull up and I can see the red stroller sitting there and Philip drops me off. I casually pretend to be interested in the stroller before other people can get a good look at it. The owner (the father, thankfully the mom was not home!) showed us how the features worked and all the accessories they had purchased. I would guess valued at over $1000 - mind you - about 5 years old. But the model had not really changed.

We offer him the $100 we have and he asks for $125. Philip goes to scrounge up any spare change we have in the car and we make out like bandits!

I am so grateful & excited to use our stroller once the babe arrives...could be any day now by the way.

Here she is in all her yard sale glory...

Total purchase for $123: 
...New Bugaboo Stroller - $880 new
....Hot Pink Fabric covering (to swap out with the red) - $99 new
...Black Fleece Fabric covering (also another option to swap out) - $99 new
...cup holder $25 new
...rain cover $49 new
...upgraded bassinet mattress $??
Total $1152...booya!