christmas 2012

didn't get too many pictures.

here are some highlights. 
baby decorating the tree

traveling to virginia

shrimp + cornbread for dinner in va

dressed up for em's engagement party

take that pinterest. too busy this year. 

christmas eve.

snow in tennessee

river lights in tennessee


shop closed for christmas!

thank you for a great year. 

i'll try to reflect on it soon. 

but for now, just wanted to keep you all up to date. 

holiday orders are done-zo. you can still order, but things will not be shipped until post-christmas. 
jan 5th is the conservative date. 

you can shop locally at some of my favorite spots that carry one delightful:

merry christmas!!


a busy season.

it's christmas + i am wishing it was a slower season for us. a season for advent - looking forward to the birth of Jesus.

but it has been busy busy.

we made an offer on a short sale in october and requested to close at the end of november. i don't know if you know much about short sales, but generally they are long sales - we did not expect to hear anything soon, but low and behold at the end of november we bought a new house!

here's me + mr. j with the keys after a long day at a craft show + it snowed!

it did not need quite as much work as our last house. well, that is a mostly true statement. the townhouse was remodeled in 2004 (originally built in early 1900s), but the former tenants did not clean or keep it up very well, which allowed us to afford the house and fortunately meant somethings were still intact and in good shape - like the heat, ac (which is unusual to have in new england) and new windows. however, the carpets were trashed. trashed. cabinets - nastified, as my friend cindy would say.

so we have been cleaning + then unpacking...

and painting...i went with moonshine by benjamin moore for the main color in the house. i'm into grey these days, no more beige for me. jude has been a trooper. and he's smart as a whip. he picked up the spatula i gave him to play with and started to pretend to paint.

philip making progress on the floors. he is laying unfinished red oak 3 1/4" floors. this is why i am not seeing my husband much these days, but i will be grateful come january.

i'll try to give more of a thorough tour soon!



support sam

use code // sam // to donate 15% at www.onedelightfulbutton.com
i wasn't planning on doing another giving project this holiday, but i love sam and i love her heart and what she is doing in africa and want to help. this is sam's blog where you can read more. sam was a campaigner at princess anne who is so dear to me and after graduating she took a gap year to go to uganda for 6-8months.

she is raising money for this specific project + this is a quote from her blog //

"I feel like the Lord is calling me to raise money for this project to build teachers housing.  The completion of this project would mean that teachers would receive salaries and that poor children would get an education.  The project would cost about $15,000, and to be totally honest, that number scares me.  A verse we all know, Luke 1:37, says, “For nothing is impossible with God.”  He is in control.  He is in control. He is in control.  Right now He is merely using me to be a voice for the voiceless and I know that if He wants this to happen, it will. " (source: sam's blog)

building this building for the teachers would be an awesome legacy to leave in uganda!

We'll run the code for a two weeks!