boy or girl

Do any of you all buy those old wives tales about whether you are having a girl or a boy? I would love to know now what we are having...so we could seriously talk about names...think about the nursery...start a registry...starting dreaming about what that will be like, but I think we won't find out for a about 5-6 more weeks. I am not positive, but I think our next prenatal appointment in about a week and a half will not include an ultrasound eliminating our chances of finding out. I've heard you can tell as early as 16 weeks, which I will be 17 weeks....but oh well. We will probably just have to wait.

Speaking of old wives tales, I have been super sick. Even still at 15 and a half weeks I am incredibly sensitive to smells, tastes of food, and feeling a little queasy. The old wives tales, which is partially backed up by some research today, is that if you are really sick it is a girl. However, I have a good friend that was super sick that has a boy. So again who knows!

I did post a survey on the right side of the page and you can vote whether you think it's a boy or girl. Just for fun. for me.


a blog worth reading

Just wanted to share a couple blogs I have been following lately. The Cramers are on Young Life staff in Charlottesville (the organization my husband works for) & the past few months their middle daughter, Ashley has gotten very ill & is currently in a catatonic state. There are a lot of unanswered questions to why & I don't understand all the medical stuff to it, but it is inspiring to see their faith in this difficult time. Please pray for them & check out their site here: http://strength42day.wordpress.com/

Brook is another dear Young Life friend whose mother is going through breast cancer right now. Brook has been updating their life & ways you can pray for them here: http://brookperry.blogspot.com/

Lastly...(lots of friends with blogs!) I have decided to sponsor my friend Libby Ryder's blog for the next month. Libby is fortunately on the other side of cancer, just about a month of being cancer-free. But find her wonderful blog here: www.libbyryder.blogspot.com


Some random thoughts

I've not felt like blogging lately. Just too much going on, but for some reason I still open my blog and look at it everyday. hmmph. I think I am just exhausted still. The Spring Market was awesome! I made some money and got to hang out with some really fun other crafty girls. Here is my booth.

I feel like I have made some strides with it. I ended up getting a few things at the thrift store and googling some ideas the day before the show and it seemed to help. Here is the entire group. I don't know about you, but I love seeing a fun booth like this at a craft show...

I still have like $20 to spend on itunes from Christmas, but forgot about it. I have really like Drew Holcomb & the Neighbors lately. I included one of my faves. And I was excited to hear that they will be at camp a week with us at Rockbridge this summer! We'll be going to Rockbridge, a Young Life camp, the entire month of July and I think it will be fun to get to hear their stuff in person.

It is semi-nice outside today & the rest of the week does not look good...so I am going to walk Lulu.


14 weeks

here i am at 14 weeks. at emily, my sister's request. however, i am not sure if i am that big or if ate a big meal. i really think it depends on that. 


what am i supposed to eat?

This being pregnant thing is so hard! I still am getting sick, feeling nauseous, sleepy, etc...& hoping those things will let up soon, but I cannot figure out what to eat. I am generally a healthy eater. Okay...I don't know if I would really claim that or not, but my friend, Amie thinks that about me so maybe I am comparatively to the some Americans I am. However, I have just been feeling so sick and mostly things that aren't great for me - like Wendy's frostys sounds good. I have barely been able to stomach a carrot and last night's steamed broccoli made me gag as I swallowed it.

And then packing a lunch is a nightmare. I don't always have access to a refrigerator at work, so I usually try to bring something cold. Lately I have been bringing like trail mix and some fruit and water. Sometimes a peanut butter and jelly or honey. Not exactly filling....Then I found out I should not be eating honey. Then I found out that peanut butter is not so great because your baby could have a food allergy or could develop one. Okkkkk. Of course deli meats are off-limits because of listeria. Can I just vent, what I am I supposed to eat??

It gets worse. I had already read I should be avoiding food coloring. Ok, I can handle that. No artificially dyed stuff, which I imagine a lot of food & drinks have, but sure. Yes, I will try to do that. Then today through a conversation, I hear that I should be also avoiding preservatives. A-what? Aren't preservatives in like most foods from a box? And probably in saltines and ginger ale that I have been eating daily for my upset stomach. Then I started to look at some labels. No frozen pizzas, no prepared meals, no lemon juice (which I had been adding to my water to help with queasiness)....among other things that I am sure I have been eating.

I am not like super-stressed or anything. But I am kind of frustrated because I feel like I don't know what to eat. I will try to have a happier post soon.


justin bieber was right

never say never. I am getting ready for a craft show this weekend. I have a basic idea of how I usually display my items, but I'd really like to refine it more. So I am looking up display ideas and thinking to myself, I never expected to be a craft show kind of girl. I am embracing it & enjoy it now, but I used to think craft show...country crafts & fudge...ugh. (not that I didn't love the free samples from the fudge guy at the Spring market last year...) Just not me. But I don't have to be that kind of craft show girl.

So, never say never, Spring Market here I come!


oh baby

The cat is finally out of the bag! As of today, I am 13 weeks pregnant. I can't believe I posting this in a public forum - after keeping it a secret for the last 9 weeks. But it is true & I have a growing belly to prove it. We went to the doctor for the third time on yesterday & got to hear the heartbeat of the baby. We were waiting for that to announce it. I feel like this is stream-of-consciousness right now. And so our secret is out.

Besides my sister, Emily, high schoolers have had the most enthusiastic response. I guess that makes sense, but it has been fun to see kids respond and be excited for us.

So I have a mix of emotions. Obviously excited, but also nervous, surprised...I feel overall excited, but the thought of something dependent on me, that is growing inside of me freaks me out a little bit. But it is good, I think.

Week 10 & 11 I had Philip take a picture of me because I felt like my belly was growing. It is....but isn't that obvious. This is week 11. I gave up on Week 12 & haven't taken one this week because I don't know that the bump is pronounced enough.

I guess this is just the beginning...


i want to race my dog

Don't judge me, but I decided that I want to race Lucy, our miniature dachshund. I don't know that this will ever be a dream realized, but I sometimes start thinking about weird things like that and then I get fixated on them. Like in high school when I was obsessed with Steve Prefontaine or in college I was fixated on mormonism (not that I was interested in converting, but was just fascinated with the development of it.)

I have always noticed that Lucy is more athletic than other dachshunds - she can jump really high! I am not just saying this because I'm her mother...the girl can jump. And you should see her roll over.
this is actually from november...i didn't  bring my camera last week...
So Philip and I took Lucy to the beach on Saturday because it was warmish. There weren't a lot of people on the bay so I decided to see what would happen if I let her go. She was perfect. She would stick with us and if she started to get ahead I would just call her and she would wait for us. Then she started to run a little bit and we decided it would be fun to run with her. I think this was the best day of Lucy's life. Seriously - when has she ever been able to run free? She is running so fas that I eventually am out of breath, but Philip keeps with her. Also, I note that she isn't running away from us, she is running beside us. (so cute).

Then I decided I should race her. Then I tell Stephanie, our friend, about it at dinner and she tells me that one of her friends that has a dachshund has already done so. It must be something about dachshund owners. Can't you see this though?

okay, i know i am crazy & i am ok with it...


we are loving our kitchen!

This year Philip and I have started making breakfast on Sundays after Church. It's a tradition that we both really like. We are loving having the island and stools for the occasion! 

Stools are in action...

Philip cooking breakfast. He made and omelet and made me french toast...which I made homemade syrup since we were all out. Go me. Find the Recipe here

Lucy, of course, is hoping for something to drop on the ground...


turquoise bar stools

So I decided that I need some turquoise in my kitchen because it's my favorite color. Unfortunately because I despise the Home Depot paint department in Virginia Beach and it stresses me out to ask them questions, I impulsively picked the lighter shade instead of one darker.  However, it is just a wooden bar stool & just a $9 quart of paint so if I decide I want it lighter I'll change it down the road. I am still going to give it a few more coats and then white wash it.

there she is in all her glory!
Lucy has been victimized by our kitchen project more than once. Philip dropped a board on her & she seems to have recovered just fine, but she walked under the stool as it was drying the other day & became a black and blue dachshund...Sorry Lu.