yay for young life camp!

quite possibly my husband & i's favorite way to spend the summer is at a young life property. since we have been engaged every summer we have spent a month at a camp. and it is always very wonderful & memorable.

this summer i'm excited to share that some of my jewelry will be sold at these young life camps -
Saranac, Rockbridge, Castaway Club & Lake Champion! if you happen to be going this summer, please check them out!


so many decisions

i cannot keep up. i am feeling really tired today...maybe it's the heat. global warming...which i do believe in. i feel like i have lots of baby decisions to make and have not made any. then we have lots of other things going on too.

here are my big choices that i haven't decided on:
  • a baby name....we have one we like, but it's not set in stone. i woke up last night thinking about how scary it is that it is a choice that will be with our child for the rest of his life!
  • nursery theme, colors, bedding.....really can't decide. i like turquoise and red. and animals. particularly safari like animals. but i don't have one i looove yet. and then i am confused because i have heard the baby won't use the bumper anyway, which is what most of the design is centered around. this serena and lily is one of my favorite, but it quite expensive and best part is the bumper!

  • a stroller...car seat....i am a freak and am trying to find the best one and the most reasonable price. love the uppa vista...but it is hardly reasonable....but it is organic & can be upgraded to a two-seater.
  • have not decided on a birth plan. i want to be brave and not do an epidural, but i feel like i'm slacking on make a definite decision or taking steps to make it easier to do that. 
  • how to decorate our dining room! more pictures soon!
well dog the bounty hunter is calling my name, so i must go snuggle with lucy and make some button earrings. 

homestead vaca pictures soon!