what i wore

philip and i enjoyed a baby free week last week while my parents took our son to Virginia. i did not sleep in as much as i hoped, but we did get to enjoy a day in boston. 

this is what i wore. it was freezing. 
target red jeans
llbean boots
jacket h&m - years ago
hat forever 21

sorry that's all i've got and half the outfit was instagrammed out


pleated poppy


baby man play room

another work in progress. 

here is the other side of the craft room. this is the baby man side of the room.
rug from grandma's attic
quilt from grandma's attic
pottery barn anywhere chair
table (c/o side of the road)

here's some details. 

what do you think? I am looking forward to when Jude will play with some of my favorite toys...namely crayons and playdoh. right now we just occasionally play up there because he tends to find something on my side of the room to mess with. 


what i wore...

back with a what i wore wednesday...

be honest...do i look creepy in the picture below? 

sweater // old navy 
pants // forever 21 *
boots // llbean boots from my valentine
watch // fossil

*didn't think i would get printed pants...but who can resist them? probably one of those things we'll look back at years from now and think, what were we thinking? and then 20 more years later we'll say those vintage pants are so cool, i wish i had held onto them...dontcha think? 

bonus points for anyone that can find the pink crimper my sweet toddler put in the laundry basket while i was taking vain pictures of myself. 

linking up to the pleated poppy...
pleated poppy
happy wednesday y'all


craft room revealed

 welcome to my happy space. it is still in progress, but after listening to a simple mom podcast recently where she mentioned how rooms are always works in progress, i figured, why not just recognize that it will probably not be perfect, but this is how it is now and it has come a long way.

this former attic is my craft space where i blog, sew and create and also serves as jude's playroom, but i'll save his playroom for another day.

disclaimer: totally still a mess. disclaimer: probably always will be.

so the room is basically a loft - baby gated for the crazy little man. intially i thought his play room would be on the side my things are on. then with all the low walls, i realized i would never be able to relax and trust him on that side of the room by himself so i had to get creative on how i would make that side of the room mine.

there are basically three stations. first is my desk. i ship, print labels, blog, email, etc from here. i love this old desk. it was mine growing up and fortunately my parents let me keep it.
pier one chair from years ago, tj maxx rug
directly behind my desk is my lovely little crafting station. from here - if jude ever is old enough to safely play by himself, i will be able to see him from this desk. the desk is made from an old door we got at antique store for $20 - sawed in half, sanded, painted and attached to the walls. 

i love my old dewey decimal library card organizer that i store supplies in. i keep my goals on a clipboard. right now below you can see my washi tape on a rope. it works for now as storage and is easy to take with me if i need it somewhere else. my husband recently added shelves along the walls recycled from an old bookshelf we tore out of our house. 

i use this old coke crate to store tags. 

station number 3. sewing area. 

k from anthropologie, ikea lamp
my husband hung the ribbons on a dowel that i can take on an off. saves lots of space - and is pretty too.

lots of buttons...
we doubled my shelf space by doing mason jars underneath the shelf as well.

and then as you head back down the stairs, i used the ledge as a book shelf. my grandmother's train case stores extra less used supplies and serves as bookend.

we'll tour jude's playroom soon.

thanks for reading. hope it gave you some ideas for craft storage and inspiration!


shop update + craft room pic

I have been itching to get some new items in my shop. I have had a bit of a slow start to 2013 with our move. You can expect more things to be on the "shelves" soon. And a craft room picture or two. I have been hoping to take some pictures once everything is organized...let's be real though - it will probably never been perfectly organized so i should just take a some pictures anyways...to wet your appetite...

And a newsletter coming out soon. 


what i wore wednesday!

i'm back for a wiww post. i have not given up on myself quite yet.

here i am in all my nemo-glory. sunday we got out for a snow walk.

hat: forever 21
jacket: patagonia
pants: running pants with fleece liners (oh yes)
boots: hunter boots 
skirt: h&m (similar)
scarf: purchased in florence in college

pleated poppy



nemo came to us. and we loved him and we said we love you nemo, we'll take you any day over a hurricane!

the snow started really coming down late friday night - we unfortunately had to cancel our leader overnight trip in maine, which now seems like a distant memory.

nemo dumped about 2 feet of snow on our little town north of boston. we are too small for an "official" measurement apparently, but the neighboring towns got around that and the snow drifts made it very hard to measure.

lots of snow has meant a lot of inside time...wearing yoga pants...hot cocoa...mochas...homemade popcorn. the things dreams are made of.

we got outside briefly. jude has been sick and he's 16 months....so we didn't feel like he could spend much time outside, but it was a lot of fun for 15 minutes. here's philip and jude in the street - which had been plowed through the night. 

jude's first time sledding...

let's see how long this snow thing stays fun for....



heartfelt garland

get the pun? 

felt of the colors you would like
scissors to cut the felt
sewing machine 
thread of your choice

i handcut these little hearts out. and then i stitched them together. 
once i had stitched along one heart i would add the next heart to the line. 

go for it. easy and fun. and cheap. 


shop update!

i've been working hard to get some new products on the "shelves." our little house project has taken quite a bit of time and there is still much to be done. i will post pictures of our house sometime soonish, but there are just so many unfinished things I am just not ready to have it on the world wide web yet. 

however,  i just love these new hair ties.
how can you not love a little sparkle?  being real. i like that they look cute on my wrist and hair. set of 4 for $7. and a few more colors are coming.

and you can expect more new items coming in the next few weeks.

also, have you signed up for our newsletter yet? it will not be a spammy-why did i sign up for this - newsletter, but will certainly offer secret sales and promotions just to newsletter readers. sign up here and you'll automatically get a coupon for 15% off in my shop!

enjoy your tuesday!