mid-week confessions

Here are my mid-week confessions...
  • I decided to start running again. Thus far I have run 10 mins 2x - 2 weeks ago and none since. Sad face.

  • I am taking sewing lessons and now I want to sew all the time. And I may have bought $50 worth of fabric online last night. (insert foot in mouth)

  • I have the best baby in the world. He sleeps about 11 hours at night, rarely fusses and is easily entertained. I love him & feel blessed. (Let me clarify this - I did not do anything to deserve this, but he is just the best. )

  • I am a starbucks gold member. That means I spend way too much money at Starbucks and keep finding excuses to go there. Unfortunately...or fortunately there is a drive-thru very close to our house. Sorry, but I am not sorry. 
What are you confessing this week? 


grateful today

how jude loves to stand up on his little chubby legs 
and smiles real big when he sees himself in the mirror

how j can grab his little feet and almost put them in his mouth

good friends + a good weekend away 

time to create. a mind that is able to create. 

coffee. and a husband that gives me an hour to myself to go to starbucks and read. 

what are you grateful for? 


reviewing my 2011 goals

i stumbled upon my goals for 2011 and was curious to see how i did.  I commented below each goal in italics. 

{1} learn to sew - I know the basics, but want to sew a pillow sham & learn how to do the basics
**not accomplished, but am currently taking sewing lessons!

{2} only go to the grocery store once a week - odd goal, but I ALWAYS end up having to go several times & it takes so much time & energy.
**i did pretty well with this. i still go about only once a week - goal accomplished!

{3} live a neater/cleaner life. okay, totally not measurable, but I have noticed that I have this cycle of my house/car/etc gets messy as I am busy during the week & then it takes me all day Saturday to clean it up. I want to figure out how to live a more organized day to day schedule where I am not letting everything pile up.
**too hard to measure. i am still messy. 

{4} read a book a month - could be a spiritual book or a book for fun, but once a month
**sadly no. get on the ball katie. 2012 has been better so far. 

{5} get into two more local boutiques with my button jewelry
*added one in 2011...hopefully i will get the courage to ask more soon 

{6} exercise 3x a week - enough said.
*no comment

{7} continue to blog on a semi-daily basis
*no comment. ouch. 

{8} journal & remember what God has done - my friend reminded me this week how important that is
*somewhat accomplished. wish i did more. 

{9} redecorate our master bedroom - we love the colors, but Philip wants to build a new bed with  storage & I love that idea.
*mostly accomplished. we like our bedroom a lot more than before and can fit all of our clothes in one room. (our closets are tinnnnny, so this was a major accomplishment.)

How did you do on your last year goals?


granola cruncher.

homemade yumminess. 

i am not the best cook/baker. because i have i am so busy making buttons and other things, i don't have as much time to bake. but i had to share this delicious granola recipe i made the other day. 

i found it here. *bonus is she lists the cost of each item. 

the only changes i made was i added a little bit of syrup - don't judge - it just needed something in my opinion. and after it was almost done i added some raisins. 


what are you baking this week? 


our life in a few snapshots.

i hate rubbing it in that i love my iphone, but i am loving snapping shots of our little mcnugget (i have approximately 100 nicknames for him) and now 1000 pictures in the matter of weeks. 

here are a few pics (insgrams) of the last few weeks. they have been great. not sure if it's the mild winter or the sweet baby, but i am usually not this happy this time of year...

let's recap. 

{ disney. }
magic kingdom is not quite what i remembered. it's different when you are a kid, but it was still great to get to go with our little family (& some of our best friends)

{ running. }
trying to run again. starting with 10 min jogs. bonus is i have a jogging stroller and little jbird can come along for the ride!

{ j's first swim! }
 pretty sure jude was thinking...what's the big deal. it's like a lukewarm bath. 

{ been making lots of earrings. }
(new favorite item - vingo bingo! earrings)

{ knitting. }
i have a secret goal to actually use crafting supplies i buy without continuing to by new ones. (anyone else have this problem?) i made an infinity scarf that has been keeping me warm and happy lately. 

 { pants on the ground...pants on the ground... }
actually pants on the head, but still so cute. 

{ lucy + jude }
lucy has taken quite a liking for little j. she lets him grab her and i snap a pic of her resting her head on him. this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. 

happy thursday ya'll.



little cuteness update. 
still here. 
weeks 17, 18, 19 below

weighed 17lbs + a few ounces at our 4 month

coming to you live from florida....in his cute swim trunks!

with lemonade from his aunt em

home with momma
life has been great lately. has its own set of challenges different from pre-baby, but i am loving life right now. 

more soon. hopefully. 


a hot crafty mess

making decisions. i am so terrible at it. i am a crafty hot mess lately. i have realized a few things.

1. it's hard to get things done with a baby. regardless of the fact that he sleeps every 2 hours and that he is basically very agreeable and easy going i feel like i always need to have an eye on him.

2. when you are in the creative business, it's hard to cram it into an hour of nap time. especially when you are as scattered as i am.

this february i am trying to update some of my packaging and my logo and my website. thus far it has been much harder than expected. i know that once i make up my mind it will be worth the trouble and i will not have to think about it again for awhile.

this afternoon, while little j bird was napping i rearranged my craft room instead of working on the packing. i am trying to be more deliberate about spending time in here when i am trying to get things done.

i am just showing you a happy little corner of the room that is actually organized. and i just started reading cold tangerines.

enjoy your weekend!