rainy sunday + we are featured!

Hello Rainy Sunday.

I am actually sort of enjoying the rain today despite the fact that we do have a cookout this evening. I am just liking the chance to slow down and just enjoy being inside. I have some crafts I am working on, a wonderful book* to read from the library and hope to drink a hot of tea during Jude's afternoon nap.

Wanted to also share that our little home/blog is featured here on homes.com's blog today. Please check it out.

Hope you are enjoying this rainy day in Virginia.

*I had requested this book months ago at the library and it finally came through and I wasn't sure if I was that interested in it. However, three chapters in, I am really enjoying it. 


friday random ramblings

After I posted yesterday's blog about naptimes. and craziness. and crawlingness. Jude took the most incredible nap. 2 solid hours. I honestly got a little bit bored.

We're in that lovely window of time called naptime again today. We'll see how this goes.

I thought I would just post some random thoughts...

  • I'm a gold card member at Starbucks - meaning every 15 drinks - I get a free one of whatever I want. Naturally I am going to go with a venti, the largest size to milk starbucks for all their worth (literally - milk...is that a pun?). Today little J bird and I walked to Starbucks so I could redeem my prize. Let me just tell you, a venti is wayyy too much milk. I normally split it with Philip and it's great, but sadly I didn't even finish it today. 
  • Today Jude pooped in the tub. TMI? I was snapping a pic of him on my phone and then when I looked back down out him there was poop every where. Then we had another clean bath. 
  • Jude somehow managed to remove the up arrow on my laptop. You'd be surprised how much you use the up arrow. 
  • Yesterday I googled diaper coupons because though we do cloth during the day, we use a disposable at night and we were almost out. Hoping to find a good deal on some Luvs, I instead find this blog. I promptly get lost on rabbit trails on how basically most products out there are bad. And the stuff that they may you think is good (like burt's bees or 7th generation) is still often bad. WHHHHHYYYY? Why aren't there more options out there of products that don't mess us up? 
  • I ended up buying 7th generation wipes because they got decent reviews and earth's best diapers because they weren't as bad as the mainstream plain ol' diapers. 
  • One more venting thought about that. Now sunscreen can cause melanoma because of the way the zinc oxide interacts with the sun. Sometimes I get on these rabbit trails and it drives me bananas. Ultimately I know, I can do the research, try to make informed choices and then have to trust that our days are numbered by the Lord one way or another. I surrender again. 
that's all the ramblings for now. yipee! it's friday!



nap times are now sacred.

Oh how I love little Jude! He is so precious and fun and funny and cute. I never imagined the little baby growing inside of me last year would be anything as wonderful as he is. 

With that said, this crawling thing sure is life changing! Gone are the days where he would lay in his baby gym and I would fold laundry, make jewelry, pay bills...

Now nap times have become a sacred time to me. I am savoring it as I type. So when Jude chose to opt out of his 1-2 hour morning nap time on Monday - I was exhausted. Seriously, almost in tears. 

Our normal morning routine follows something like this...
  • Nurse him when he wakes
  • Change his diaper, outfit
  • Feed him solid foods (rice cereal & a veggie)
  • Prepare my coffee and breakfast while he sits in his high chair
  • Move to the Living room either let him crawl around some and play with toys or play in the exersaucer....You see the exersaucer is wonderful. What did people do before this was invented?

It keeps him happy and entertained and I can actually leave the room briefly without being afraid that he will find something terrible to put in his mouth. Jude will enjoy it anywhere from 10-30 minutes. And yesterday, less than that. 

For the most part, he wants to move. I snapped a few pics. 

Yesterday, was to be a laundry day. My biggest accomplishment besides taking care of Judah was four loads of laundry. Seriously, that is the only other thing I did. It felt kind of defeating. I didn't even get it put away until 10pm last night. 

And alas, we have officially outgrown the bouncer.

I just wanted to check it out the other day and he leaned forward and grabbed the post of the desk, moving the bouncer into official retirement. 

Yes it is okay to just get four loads of laundry done and take care of your precious son. Right? 

I would like to post more on how this has made it challenging to run my button business; we'll see if I can find the time to do that. 



merry christmas to me

This was Philip and Judah's Christmas present to me this year. It is the best. So I thought I would share. It's kind of long - almost 15 minutes, but it documents the first few months of Jude's life. Mainly the first few days while at the hospital.

I requested a personal gift for Christmas this past year and this was perfect.


i think i solved the mystery!

I have been so frustrated trying to figure out how to get my blog back into the google reader.

Perhaps you have no idea what I am talking about...no biggie. But if you notice the little follower box on the right, if you clicked follow prior to me switching my site to onedelightful.blogspot.com, then I will not show up in your reader. I normally just have my favorite blogs bookmarked marked anyway and go directly to them, but if you like to use your google reader and wish to continue to follow me, here's what to do!

1 - unfollow my blog
2 - refollow my blog
3 - do the happy dance

yay me! I love solving little frustrating mysteries like this.

In other news, I have been doing a lot of fun custom orders this spring. I have done a few bridal party gifts and one for a prom.
sample of a few colors not currently for sale online for bridal + special occasions

If you would like information on a custom order for one delightful button feel free to email me. I have more colors than are listed online and love going to the fabric store (minus all the angry women that work there) to get the perfect fabric for you.

xo. happy tuesday!

p.s. the new google blogger is as annoying as i have heard people say! i had been using the old one and i just had to switch. boo hiss. 


what I really wore {Mondays}

I thought it would be fun to do a "what I really wore Monday" post. There are so many cute blogs out there that feature moms/women wearing super-stylish, fun clothes, looking very put together. While I totally give them props, that is only me about 25% of the time or less. I try to put myself some days, but some days, let's face it... I wear yoga pants and the shirt I slept in the night before. 

Here is my first what I really wore Monday post...

thrift store cardigan i bought in college
our "young life tonight" shirt
target gold shoes
jcrew matchstick jeans
my new headband from one delightful button

What did you wear this Monday? Anything fun? 

I may make this a link party in the future if anyone is interested in linking up!



7 months!

I am totally starting to lose track of Jude's age. No big surprise there. Sometimes I forget my own age. You may find this strange, however, how often do you really think about how old you are? I venture to think not that often.

Well little J man is officially seven months old. He looks like he two. Maybe that's just me, but he's got two teeth coming in up top and two on the bottom! He's a little teething man.

While trying to document this lovely occasion (since I have totally bailed on the weekly photo), he would not sit still. 

I tried to capture the roll...

We have started solid foods, officially now, and are in the throws (did I use that word right?) of vegetables. So far, we like carrots and we do not like green beans. See picture below. It was very humorous. I feel like Jude has probably liked every food he has put in his mouth thus far (milk & carrots & rice cereal & didn't know what to do about not liking something.

He loves standing up or having someone hold him up. As his Aunt Emily says, "he is happy with himself." 

Not his best pic, but you get the gist. Not sure why his chest is exposed. No extra charge for that. 

Happy almost weekend! 



mid-week confessions

I'm linking up again with my mid-week confessions at e, myself & i...

  • My husband was out of town this past week. I ate an entire trader joe's bbq pizza in one sitting, made a few impulse buys at target, and finished a tub of reese's ice cream. When Philip goes out of town all my self-discipline seems to go out of town with him. 
  • I like the Hunger Games, but not as much as the crazies out there. Part of the problem is no matter how good it is, I would rather look at instagram or pinterest on my phone. Can we say #addicted? 
  • I am having a blogging kind of week. I seem to get on these kicks and then I neglect it for a little while. I mean...have you checked out my weekly baby photo project? I had to change the name to monthly...But this is a blogging week. Maybe it will continue. 
  • Lucy, our pup, is driving us all crazy. Philip keeps joking we are going to leave her when we move and I think that she hears us and is acting out in rage. 
thanks for reading. see you next wednesday...maybe. 


easy peasy artwork for your home

I really do love all the cute prints that you can find online these days. I am cheap though so I found a way to make them that I thought I'd share.

Here is my latest print for the kitchen...

I also made one for Jude's room. 

This is all I did. 

Download a fun font that achieves that look you are shooting for on a site like dafont.
Think of a cute phrase, verse, saying, quote...that you would like to use. 
Format the font on the page. I used Photoshop, but you could use a lot of programs...word for one would work, but is a little harder to format, but would work. 

...hit print...and frame.