august sale!

Let's be honest... the seasons are NOT starting to turn yet. I do love some pumpkin themed items, but my summer has flown by with a newborn on my lap so I am going to hold strong, enjoy August and refrain from mentioning any of my favorite pumpkin treats. However, I am doing some prep for the next season and have some new items I am excited to share with you all. 

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lately // 002

so this is real life...

Making: lots of breastmilk. did i start there? oh yes, i did. 
Cooking: the occasional meal. lots of family and friends have helped and taken the load of me. 
Drinking: coffee, huzzah! 
Reading: blogs....hard to read with a newborn. my hands are always full. looking forward to reading again. 
Wanting: time with philip and as a family. we have loved having visitors, but we haven't been just the four of us yet and i can't wait. 
Looking: at carter. all the time. i love her. 
Playing: trucks....fire trucks...boy stuff...
Wasting: time on Facebook? couldn't really think of anything for this, but i do hate facebook
Wishing: to freeze time every once in awhile...is she already a month old??
Enjoying: summer
Waiting: for jude's nap to end
Liking: coffee...this is a theme - i just have missed it so much
Wondering: why my phone battery is sucking lately. 
Loving: when jude asks to hold carter 
Hoping: to find a little bit of time to work on business projects
Needing: a nap or the ability to drink coffee in the afternoon and still sleep at night. 
Smelling: the occasional b.o. - natural homemade deodorant only works so well. 
Wearing: a mix of maternity and normal clothes...gosh i miss normal clothes
Noticing: how my belly has shrunk, but is still very present
Knowing: this is a short season in our lives, having two littles and i should soak it up. 
Thinking: wow, i cannot think that well. i am sleepy. 
Feeling: hazy. sleep deprivation makes it hard to think. 
Bookmarking: new craft ideas. 
Opening: lots of gifts for carter - thank you all that have sent things!
Giggling: at the kardsashians. favorite guilty pleasure. 
Feeling: happy. that is one emotion jude expresses - and i love that he says "i feel happy" so i do too...

happy saturday!