weeks 14 - 16

we have been busy! but at least i have managed to still take a few pictures. here are weeks 14-16.

i'm really partial to the week 14 shot.




mid-week confessions

ok, i'll give it another go. it's hard to remember what you already have already confessed...

when i have very little to do...very little gets done...can anyone hear me on that? it has been the nasty dreariest week. i wish a sister could get a little snow around here, but so far it's just been a little bit cold & rainy. with it being a slow retail month for me...i am hardly motivated to get anything done right now. it is no fun.

you don't want to know what i have eaten (or is it ate?) today...let's just say it involves about 12 cookies from trader joe's and not much else. that is very embarrassing. get a grip, katie. it isn't that i don't have some healthy options around the house, but none of them taste as good as the cookies!

i never really think the bachelor is going to work out (the tv show), but i always am disappointed when it doesn't. can we say #wasteoftime?

i can't think of anymore confessions right now...i confess that i really want to watch a movie and knit instead of typing so i think that's what i'll do...

sorry i was kind of lame this week!


I bit the bullet and I am loving it.

Philip and I had iPhones when they first came out. Then we decided they were too expensive and we downgraded to save money. I was totally fine without it for most
of this past year, but then I started to want some of the features it offered.

One was the square app. Finally I'll be able to run credit cards at craft shows! Yay! This was one of the primary reasons I wanted one.

Better pictures of Jude and the ability to video tape too! I had taken so many crummy photos on the blackberry and thought how sad it was that they were such poor quality that I would never keep. Now I can have good pictures and pretend like they are low quality (aka instagram) - not that I am not intagraming like every few hours or anything.
baby bear on instagram

Much easier email. Enough said.

An etsy app. You could get to your etsy site from a blackberry, but not with as much ease as the app.

I am also blogging from my phone right now. Cool huh?

So I have given into the iPhone once again. Now let's hope I do not become addicted and will still spend time with my family.



the film camera dilemma

I have a small dilemma. I still have my film camera from high school. It has film in it from 4 years ago - an incomplete roll. It has been sitting in our guest room because I didn't have a spot for it anywhere else. Now the batteries are dead.

Should I replace my batteries so I can finish the roll?

Should I keep the camera or should I embrace the fact that digital camera has made the film camera absolute?

Do you still have a film camera? Do you use it?




I've been doing some planning for the new year...

And into free printables online...download this one here for free from Tom Kat. 

The babe has been sick. So sad. He has enjoyed sitting upright in his bouncer...being read to...just straight chillin. The night before he got sick he rolled over. He hasn't felt like doing it since so we're hoping he perks back up soon!

I've been into working on the house lately. Something I didn't have time for in December. I can always think of things to do. I hung a few more pictures on the wall. (And made the print on the far right. Easy peasy. Sometimes I think about buying cute prints online and then I remember all these tricks I learned on photoshop in high school and then I make a print myself....I'm not claiming to be brilliant or anything...)

I've been organizing my craft room like crazy. The sad thing is I did the same thing last January and it very quickly got messy again. But maybe this time it will stick.

I have a little display area set up for friends to look...And look at the pretty buttons on the window sill...I have more to sort to add to my collection...

And I have been making stuff for my shop. I've been working on some really cute Valentine items...

Ok, I'm out of here. Peace out girl scouts.


mid-week confessions

here are my first midweek confessions...

whenever the baby is napping, i think, i should do things i cannot do while he is awake...like clean the house or make myself lunch. but i am sitting here typing on the computer watching him sleep.

i am happy i have lost most of the baby weight. truth be told it is totally breastfeeding and because i don't feel like making lunch for myself and end up eating apples and cheese and crackers for lunch most days. i do miss my old belly button. maybe i should get belly button reconstructive surgery.

this sounds mean. sorry. but sometimes i feel like there are bloggers that are trying to look cool and just make a cool blog and copy a blog they like, but i think they really have no lives at all. okay, maybe they have lives, but they are trying to project an image. like "i'm so and so and i love my {insert lame object} more than anything. this is my life. " most likely i am NOT talking about you...just sayin'.

sometimes i see bloggers post..."what i wore" posts. and they look all cute and stuff. i think it would be funny if i started a series as well. it will be called "what i really wore" and most likely every week i would be featured in yoga pants with some baby spit up on my t-shirt.

i am a bad blogger. sometimes i get this idea...i should blog. then i blog for like a few weeks. and then it goes silent. then i blog for a few weeks. sorry. maybe you shouldn't bother checking my blog.

i thought it would be hard to think of semi-personal confessions that don't sound too harsh or lame....but i feel like i did ok. except for that one harsh one about lame bloggers. sorry. don't hate me.

those are my mid-week confessions....& i'm linking up....



weeks 9 + 10



I feel like a slacker...because Jude is actually 13 weeks old & I do not have pictures for 11 & 12. Christmas got the best of me. I feel like I missed out on the season though. I mentioned that I didn't get a lot done that I wanted to. I never made Judah the stocking I was hoping to make. I ended up buying for for $1 at target and hot gluing a J on it.

I did make homemade hot cocoa...props to me. But now it's January 2 and me and Judah both have a cold. It has been so sad to see him sick. Right now he's sleeping in his bouncer because I want to keep him upright.

We're playing catch up around here, but our house is close to in order - hurray!

Enjoy your Monday.