another delightful bride

one of my sister's sweet friends, alex, got married a few weeks ago in richmond, va. for her part of her bridesmaids gifts she gave one delightful button earrings and i had to share one of beautiful pictures.
photography by: rebekah hoyt 
caroline, my sister is on the farthest right : )

congrats, alex! you looked beautiful.

+ a note to brides, contact me via email [ onedelightfulbutton AT gmail.com ] if you are interested in having one delightful button earrings for your bridal party. we love custom orders, like we did for alex and offer discounts to brides.


sleep deprivation and what not.

let's just say i am tired.


j-money is giving me a run for my money these days.

i said in this post that he started sleeping through the night again. well we took a few steps back again. the last two nights i think he woke up at 3am cried for a half hour, 4: 45am and then finally up for the day around 6:45am. this is particularly difficult because philip has been out almost every night this week and we usually end up talking about our days for a little bit. i know this last bit is a little foolish, but when you have not seen your husband all day sometimes that's what you choose to do.

i'm guessing it's the move. why is my angel baby who is generally very happy during the day suddenly waking up three times at night angrily? the latest advice we have gotten is to let him cry. that if you don't, they will learn to cry until you get them. that i am training him at night. the problem is, he isn't getting it. or it's taking awhile.

also, sidebar, dr. sears, i do not like you. i happen to pick up a book by dr. sears on sleeping and after reading a few pages, i need to get rid of it as soon as possible. if it weren't a library book, i would throw it away. co-sleeping...attachment...guilt for letting your child cry...i am going to leave it at that.

jude and i are really enjoying one another during the day. that's the upside. and i am also really enjoying coffee. thank you, God, for coffee. and for this sweet boy too. i sure do love him and sure do wish he would sleep.

any other moms out there with any tricks or tips...i welcome them...

happy friday, ya'll...here's hoping for a little bit of rest...


tommy, ellie + tucker

i wanted to take some time to share with you all about some sweet friends (and fellow young life staff) in virginia. 

this is tommy, ellie and their sweet baby, tucker. tucker was born at almost 26 weeks. 

you can follow along with his story here on their blog: http://tommyandellie.com/index.php/tucker/updates/

tucker is a little trooper. i am not going to attempt to explain some of the medical issues, but tommy and ellie explain a lot of that on their blog and give you ways you can support them by praying.

i also wanted to support them by giving. tucker is still in the NICU and will most likely be until he reaches full-term. as you can imagine, the medical bills are starting to come in.

so for the next month, 10% of one delightful button sales will go toward the Sibiga family. because we wanted to go beyond just that 10%, if you enter the code, TUCKER, at check-out, we will donate an extra 10%. shop here.

please pray for tucker. pray that the Lord would protect him and help his little body to be able to breathe well on his own. please pray for tommy and ellie and that the Lord would be their strength.

if you would like to give to them directly, you can do that here.


i am that desperate.

alright peoples.

this is a desperate plea. i am almost sure it is hopeless, but i am still going for it.

i entered jude in this sort of ridiculous contest. that would be nice to win. $10,000 toward college.

so might as well try, right?

look at this little face with this half bald head.

i have to admit i did not choose the best photo of him, but i was too lazy to upload a new one. but if you are so inclined. vote here.

felt like fall

this is a punny post, peeps.

i have felt like embracing fall lately. so i made a trip to michaels for some felt sheets.

i traced small circles on the felt and cut them out - then stacked them in a pattern so colors didn't repeat too quickly. then i stitched them together with my handy dandy sewing machine. i left a little gap between each circle.

and voila!
ignore the painting above the fall bunting. temporary housing, what can you do?
 i made have to make this little gem for every season - it was fun & cheap & easy!


prepare your hearts.

for some cuteness.

our new and dear friend jon zander snapped some photos of us and jude a few weeks ago at saranac. we are so grateful for jon taking some time with us and for his friendship. 


this face is so him...

i like this one because it looks like, ugh, mom and dad...
we were the stripe family...didn't plan ahead to well...

mr. almost-walking-baby

now every staff family is going to be on you to get photos of them at saranac...sorry jon... :)

happy saturday!


11 months.

where did the time go?!

jude is eleven months and a week or so.

some things about him now...

+  super active boy! if he gets fussy, it's usually because he is being restricted. if he bumps his head, he wants to be consoled then he wants to get back down to keep playing.

+ weighs 24lbs and is a little over 30" tall  - in 75th percentile for everything

+  standing on his own. occasionally taking a step or too, but not yet walking

+  loves cabinets, doors, drawers, strollers...anything he can play with that doesn't look like a baby toy

+  can stick out his tongue and blow bubbles, wiggle his fingers across his lips to make funny noises

+  is sleeping much better...about 11 hours solid

+  loves to flip through books, but does not really want to be read to

+  loves cheerios, blueberries, sweet potatoes and cheddar cheese

+ loves to laugh (builds my self-confidence daily by laughing at me when)

his first birthday will be here before i know it...