36 weeks pregnant!

We just broke the news to Lucy about her baby brother. She took it pretty well, but it's convinced of how it's going to change her life. Philip said the other day he thinks she has attachment issues. Poor Luce.

I am 36 weeks pregnant today! Holy Moly! And our 3 year wedding wedding anniversary I will be 37...which is a full term baby! Woo hoo! People have continued to tell me how small I look. The baby was in the 80th percentile of size at our 34 week ultrasound, which reminds me that most people don't know what they are talking about.


Baby to do list...

Almost 36 weeks! It's hard to believe. I have been overwhelmed with things to do around the house and to get ready for the baby. Well maybe not overwhelmed, but I just tire easily...

Here is my remaining baby to do list (that I have thought of)...

  • Hang pictures in nursery
  • Find a Pediatrician (Decide on vaccines)
  • Pack our hospital bag
  • Finish thoughts on our birth plan
  • Get any final things off the registry that we will need
  • Find a glider/rocker (thinking about reupholstering an older sitting chair that rocks...)
  • Keep the house clean for the baby's arrival!
But here's the good news. We have made some real progress on the nursery.

We fortunately kept the room the same color it was originally which saved us a lot of time! 

Philip paint this white & did an awesome job. He did a primer, 2 coats of paint and 2 coats of polyurethane to make it nice and shiny. I lined it with cute polka dot contact paper. 

Lots of baby clothes! However, they are for his first year of life...so we have a nice variety of sizes. 

Our adorable bedding and crib with the chinese lantern in the bed until we hang it...


diaper bag thoughts

I have probably given 50 hours of my life in the past few months to looking for the perfect diaper bag. Mostly online searches. Staring at bag. Wondering what size is it really and trying to find the best deal on a cool different looking diaper bag. I don't want a diaper bag that looks like a normal diaper bag. 

Here's my criteria: 

  • Not too childish/momish/frumpy if you know what I mean
  • Functional - will go with most outfits 
  • Not too heavy
  • Durable - hopefully could last through a few babies
  • Will temporarily replace my purse
  • Affordable ($100 or less)
Here are my favorites so far...
{new favorite}

Pompeian Red Ikat Tapestry Hobo Diaper Bag

I can't decide if I'm in love with this fabric and I am not sure if they have it more as an overnight bag and not a daily use? 
most affordable, but can't decide if it's me. 

All of this though begs the question...do I need an actual diaper bag or do I just need a large purse with a changing pad. If anyone has any wisdom...please share :) 

Yay for Friday & hopefully kicking this cold that is zapping all of my energy!!


34 weeks & home from camp

It feels like we ran a marathon. I didn't mention this prior, but the last month we spent at Rockbridge, a Young Life camp nestled in the mountains of Virginia. It was great. We got to be a part of something bigger than ourselves and see lives changes. It wasn't the easiest place to grow a baby. Overall it was good, but I left with a cold & am exhausted & missed fresh food. 

I have started to feel like my belly hasn't grown. Baby is in the 80th percentile in size....so I guess we are still on target. He already weighs about 5.5lbs.....and I have 6 weeks left! (Please don't get too big little baby...) Here are a few snapshots of me at camp...(mostly around 32 weeks)

Looking at these pictures...it is starting to make sense why it is so uncomfortable to be on my feet right now.

The nursery is finally coming along. Will post pictures soon.


33 weeks!

Cannot cannot believe I could be 7 weeks away....time is flying. Still a ton around the house to do, but hopefully much of that will be accomplished next weekend. 

According to the knot, the baby is the size of a honeydew melon. Yikes. 
Maternity Clothes: Still about 50% - I generally can wear a size up t-shirt that I normally wear. I'm noticing some things that used to cover my belly no longer do. I still don't have a ton of maternity clothes, but I'd like to see what I can get away with for now since the end is in site!

Movement: The movements have become a lot more distinct. It is really exciting. I love when I can just feel like an unidentified body part poking out a little bit. 

Sleep: Not great. It has consistently taken me a long time to fall asleep with multiple trips to the bathroom prior to falling asleep and throughout the night. I wake up with numbish hands and my hips hurt a little bit. 

What I miss:  Laying on my back, not peeing all the time. Skinny feet. 

Symptoms: Fingers and feet swelling - esp in the heat, restlessness - trouble sleeping, still hard to breathe while sitting. 

I'll try to post a picture of me soon - just need to find the camera cord.