some new things in store!

I have FINALLY gotten around to posting some more inventory that I haven't had pictured yet. I am still running my buy 3, get 1 free summer promo also at www.onedelightfulbutton.com.

Enjoy your weekend! 
I am excited to be going to Blacksburg for my first baby shower! 
He's almost here!


busy busy!

I have been keeping pretty busy the past few weeks with large orders for some young life camps. Here's a shot of some earrings on there way to Lake Champion. It has kept me pretty busy, but it has been great! A few new styles to come on One Delightful Button in the next few days!



I think it'd be really fun to start cross-stitching with some of my free time this summer. 
Here are a few fun cross-stitches I have found...

I may just have to give it a go! I'll let you know how it goes. I'm thinking simple as possible. 

Happy Wednesday!


pintrest & 31 weeks!

In the past few days I've taken an interest in pintrest. I can't decide how I really feel about it long term, but I like that when I am surfing the web (does anyone use that phrase any more?) I can grab what I like without just having to bookmark it. I never really look at my bookmarks anyway.

This is my pintrest site for bebe ideas if you are interested ;)

Tomorrow I will be 31 weeks pregnant! I can't believe it. It has been so long. I am feeling a little bigger - sorry for no new picture. I'll have to take one soon. The baby is apparently the size of a squash. So crazy!

Should have started this sooner to pacify my sister who says I should just let my blog die, but here are a few pregnancy updates!

Maternity Clothes: Maybe 50% - I have a few loose cotton sundresses and longer t-shirts that I can still wear. I unfortunately have to wear Philip's t-shirts since mine no longer fit without bear my midriff!

Movement: Pretty frequent. My anterior placenta seems to block a lot of movement - but still can feel him pretty consistently. 

Sleep: Still OK for the most part.  I am thankful for that, as I've talked to lots of pregnant women recently who can't get ANY sleep.

What I miss:  Sushi, Coffee, Cold hot dogs (jk...who would eat a cold hot dog anyway?)....there are others, but those are the main things that come to mind. I also miss having a normal sized stomach & wearing my old jeans. 

Symptoms: Tingly hands in the morning, having to pee constantly, a little sleepy, hard to breathe at times....I think those are the main things. 


window seat complete

We actually finished the window seat a month ago, but I have not had a chance to post it. So here she is...

There is a hinge on the back center area for storage inside, which is great. However, this was the state of the dining room after the project was finished.

It's a really awkward room I think because it is the room you enter into at the front door, but it's pretty big and has high ceilings. Philip had "dropped the gauntlet" as he liked to say meaning I had a goal to finish it before the end of May. Well, it is not finished. I liked the challenge, but it just did not happen with all we had going on in May and then June. 

This is the vision I had though...

I liked the idea of the bench actually being used for seating at the table. Then we have more of a sitting area to the right. We haven't really worked all the kinks out, but that's the idea. Of course, Philip is on the table because the swag light will have to be moved above the table. 

More progress on the room soon! Any thoughts? 


my blog has been so neglected!

Every couple days my sister, Emily, suggests I should blog. Not sure why...we talk occasionally so she has other methods of getting information from me. But I would like to be blogging more - so here I am & hopefully will get on a little blogging kick again this July!

I am way more pregnant than I was last time I blogged. 29 weeks and a few days! I actually have started to lose track occasionally because I do not obsess over every week like I did early on. I am about 28 weeks in this picture and don't tell me I look small. I have found that to be a pet peeve. I sometimes get comments on looking small - like my belly looking small - however being 5'8" the baby has a lot more space to grow....kapeesh? Ok, I'll get down off my soap box.

me & my boo at Windy Gap - hard to see the baby bump in the slimming black dress ;)
Things have been good. Our little boy has been pretty active, but unfortunately because I have an anterior placenta I can't always feel him. I freaked out while we were at summer camp because I could not feel him move for a bit...went to the emergency room in Ashville and they put him on the monitor. He was fine & was moving so much it was hard for them to keep track, but I still couldn't feel a lot of it. So we are very grateful everything has gone smoothly so far.

Here's another picture where I look a little more pregnant...
with my cabin of girls at Windy Gap
Lots more to share....but I will stop there for now.