one delightful button gift guide // black friday sale!

so much for goals apparently...two children has required a lot of juggling. if i wake up early to do work, they wake up early. if i stay up late to do work, they can't fall asleep that night. 

it's thanksgiving eve, i'm working like a banshee getting ready for black friday and i had a brainstorm. i finally got both children to nap at the same time. well one is napping, one is having "quiet time" in his room, but regardless its a unicorn kind of moment for me. 

for black friday i am doing a MAJOR sale. my stuff is always free shipping in the US, but friday everything is buy one, get one free (equal or less value). at check out, there is a section for notes and just note what you would like for free. 

also, 19% of profits are still going to young life africa response fund

if you are looking for some ideas on how to spend that money....i have some! 

for the hipster

for your kids teachers

for the stylish friend

these are just a few of the fun combo i came up with...there are obviously endless possibilities ;)

hope you have a happy thanksgiving holiday! 


new keychains + a coupon

finally...some new keychains up in the shop! and just for fun i've discounted keychains 15% off. use code // FALL {sale runs until next tuesday}

mini keychains // approximately 3 inches long. this is the size i currently use and i actually just slip it on my finger when i am running out of hands. 

and full size wristlets // about 5.5 inches in length when folded + fits an average sized wrist

the full size have my new logo on the inside...woot!

also! not advertised, but I am started to monogram individual letters so email me [onedelightfulbutton [AT] gmail.com if you have a monogram request for an additional $2. and if you want a mini design on a wristlet or vice versa...email me and i am happy to customize one for you. 

happy tuesday! 


October Goals

philip and jude at saranac...aka the most beautiful place on earth
but first...september in review 

  • Exercise 3-4 times a week...mostly achieved i would say. yay!
  • Meal plan for the week...yes 
  • Weekly date night with Philip...yes...some weeks it meant eating in and ordering out to save money on a babysitter
  • Continue reading through my Bible in a year plan...ooh this is the roughest one, i'm sorry to say. it's been really hard to find time to read and be still. this will stay on my list for next month. 
  • Take at least one photo a week of Jude + Carter...mostly yes, but when i was changing carter last night, I thought i really need to keep taking photos. She's growing so fast! 
  • Sell or giveaway clothes I have not worn in over 2 years...yes, we had a crumby yard sale. we live on an unmarked street, but i have sold some things at my favorite local consignment shop and am consigning some online here. I think that link will earn me points if you sign up...fyi. 
  • New fall products online....mostly up, but not all. 

on to October!

  • Get my children to sleep through the night. Sleep is very important to me. I've had a lingering cold for over a week and I think it's caused by sleep deprivation or at least made worse. Carter is almost there - sleeping 9pm-5:30am and then going back to sleep for a little longer. Jude has had some troubles while sort of dropping his afternoon nap and then waking at I don't know...4AM!! My dream is to have them both sleep until 6am. Really 7am would be awesome, but let's start with 6 ;)
  • Find time to read the bible and pray. 
  • Continue to blog 1-2x a week. This was an unspoken goal last month that I decided to speak out loud. 
  • Be productive with my work time, but be present with my family time. I have had a ton more energy to put in my business again. Pregnancy is really hard for me. Once it was over, I finally have enjoyed my business and blog again, but I don't want to miss out on little moments with my family and friends in the midst of pursuing my business. 
linking up with hayley at the tiny twig. i've enjoyed writing monthly goals to help keep me focused...if you are writing monthly goals feel free to link up with hayley or share in the comment section! 


introducing carter belle...

Better late than never, right? As I mentioned in my last post, life has been much crazier with two little people in it. Carter was born in July and we had a friend Michael Curtis take photos of her. I do not always get around to sending a Christmas card every year, but I want to make a birth announcement a priority (no judgement if you did not do a birth announcement...I know postpartum life is crazy...). With lots of our friends and family being far-flung, I really wanted to send a card to stay connected and to announce our sweet Carter. 

We decided to go with this sweet announcement...

I decided to go for the lined envelopes because it makes the mail feel extra special. And just because I am a little obsessive when it comes to crafts...I decided to embellish the envelopes with washi tape that matched the color scheme of announcements. 

I have loved washi tape for several years now...I used to think it was called happy tape actually because I bought it from a site called 'happy tape', but know most people are familiar with washi tape and you can even buy it at target or staples.  I ordered online, but it was pretty easy to find a few tapes that matched our color scheme. 
I decided to vary the way I embellished the envelopes for my own entertainment. Some I embellished on the front of the envelope. 
Some I embellished on the backs. I guess you'd call that a back, right? I created the triangle or flags simply by cutting the washi tape, but I think the triangles are my favorite...
Of course, there's always just the easy torn washi tape, which looks fun and saves a lot of time! 

Do you have any fun ways to embellish envelopes with washi tape? 

Carter Belle, consider yourself officially announced. ;)


fall is here, people.

photo credit / michael curtis

life lately has been crazy. the fall is always crazy for philip's schedule, but adding another baby to mix has made it feel a little crazier. still good, but a little nutso. my patience starts to run thin with judah especially at the end of the day as we have never been able to get him to sleep well. my to do list often feels like i can't possibly get through it all and i generally don't. i am spending way more time on laundry than i ever have and coffee is one of my most faithful bffs.

i'm so not ready to part with summer. having a baby in the middle of the summer sort of changed how the summer felt. we also weren't here for the first time in seven years. i was looking forward to the break, but it's also like our little adventure we go on every summer and i hope we'll get to continue.

i've been sampling fall beers. i'm not much of a beer person, but so far i like this one.

jude took a liking to baking this summer. mainly he likes the results, but this has been my favorite recipe we have made this fall. we first tried the full fat version because it got such good reviews, but will try the healthier one soon.

i'm really liking this swaddle that i borrowed from a friend. it make sense to have room for the babies' arms to come up since both of my children used to fight the traditional swaddle.

i'm so glad to finally have some energy back to put into my little shop. during the pregnancy i thought one delightful button might be toast because of my lack of desire and energy, but its still kicking. enjoying making this new fun item lately..

we will eventually switch to cloth diapers, but right now i am loving these diapers. i love what they are made of and i can't handle the cute patterns. the price actually does seem reasonable too and the customer service is excellent.

also, did you read this? i still love starbucks, but am hoping they will start to have organic milk and clean up their ingredients. i'm hooked on this lady's blog.

that's all for now folks. happy monday!


one of the many reasons i will never be a fashion blogger


carter is a "happy" spitter. aka we are both always covered in spit up, but today we were in the clear so far so i asked philip to take a photo of us. he looked at me like, "seriously?" and continued to sit in his seat to get ready to take the photo i requested with complete disregard to the background or the angle from which he was taking the photo. there goes my nonexistent dreams of being a fashion blogger. my husband could use some photography lessons. i snapped the one of carter ;)

shoes: minnetonka thunderbird (old, but so glad they have been in style and lasted me about 10 years)
jeans: mossimo (target - old too)
cardigan: target
scarf + earrings: made by me

carter is decked out in baby gap
and the headband, i made for her

linking up today - xo 
pleated poppy


random monday thoughts

I have been noticing how I sometimes will blog something in my mind or have a thought I want to get out, but the transition from mind to computer to hitting publish is incredibly far. I had an unspoken goal in my mind to at least blog once a week. I love reading blogs and getting a little glimpse into other people's lives, but is it just me or does it feel like instagram is somewhat replacing blogs? It could never truly replace blogs in the way that Instagram can only share so much information, but I am wondering if in our society now (and maybe especially for moms of little kids?) that its easier to take a picture and share a thought on instagram rather than having to get it all the way to a formulated thought in a blog post.

I am clearly not an expert in either venue of social media, but I was already noticing this in myself and one of my favorite bloggers, Ashley Ann, mentioned that someone called her an "instagrammer" and not a "blogger." I do love instagram and how you can cover up your pasty skin and make everything look beautiful, but I also love blogs and love hearing what other people are thinking a doing. So let's keep blogging, kapeesh? With that said here goes nothing...

Life with two kids has been challenging, but fun for the most part. My to-do list and laundry often feel never ending, but then sometimes when I get a free second, I can't remember what I need to do. Some days parenting makes me feel bi-polar because I will go from a state of love and euphoria to all of a sudden incredibly frustrated with life and my children. (I do not think I am actually bipolar.......right??)
Carter is a dream. I cannot believe how easy and sweet she is. Jude is speaking and able to articulate himself so much more. It makes life with him generally a lot more fun as he can communicate his funny thoughts. He also has moments of stubbornness that make me want to pull my hair out. One of my favorite Jude-ism right now is "What's called this?" instead of "What's this called?". He says this potentially 1,000 times in a day. He also can be really sweet to her and I caught him entertaining her the other day.
Their "shared nursery" which I will eventually share in photos on here is really just Judah's room and it happens to have a crib in it. The most Carter does in the room is occasionally have her diaper changed or lays in the crib while I am doing something with Jude. And lately, her crib as become a boat or is it a plane? We got a video monitor for Carter, but it's really been nice to check up on Judah during "quiet time."

Photos of the nursery probably will not realistically happen until I can find a spare moment where mr. crazy has not dumped all his toys in his sisters bed, but you know, maybe those are the real nursery photos anyways instead of the perfectly organized bookshelves.

These thoughts have been really random, but I guess that's how my mind is working lately. It probably has always worked this way, but I'll just pretend like it is the exhaustion of a newborn and a toddler.