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i wasn't planning on doing another giving project this holiday, but i love sam and i love her heart and what she is doing in africa and want to help. this is sam's blog where you can read more. sam was a campaigner at princess anne who is so dear to me and after graduating she took a gap year to go to uganda for 6-8months.

she is raising money for this specific project + this is a quote from her blog //

"I feel like the Lord is calling me to raise money for this project to build teachers housing.  The completion of this project would mean that teachers would receive salaries and that poor children would get an education.  The project would cost about $15,000, and to be totally honest, that number scares me.  A verse we all know, Luke 1:37, says, “For nothing is impossible with God.”  He is in control.  He is in control. He is in control.  Right now He is merely using me to be a voice for the voiceless and I know that if He wants this to happen, it will. " (source: sam's blog)

building this building for the teachers would be an awesome legacy to leave in uganda!

We'll run the code for a two weeks! 


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