short update + featured: time out new york

first of all - happy 4th! this is one of my first fourth of july's not at a young life camp since philip and i have been married...so it is somewhat hard to figure out how to do this thing. at camp the schedule just moves on like normal, with no fireworks usually. however, i don't think fireworks are in our future this year because they start about 2 hours after jude's bedtime and seeing that he has been getting up at 5am since getting back from camp, we are not going to keep him up two additional hours to see if he like fireworks or is startled by them.

i should share some about camp, but i am not going to right now. it was fun, and exhausting. much of the time i felt like a single mom because philip's schedule is so demanding. that sounds dramatic. i really don't know how single mom's do it though. i'll try to share some about camp sooner or later. we did get a family kayak ride around girl scout island , which is for sale if you have 3 million to spare.

also just wanted to pop in to share that my seersucker earrings have been featured in timeout new york magazine...

i do love seersucker - and bring back the seersucker fabric every summer because it is classic.

enjoy your fourth!


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