20 weeks

we are finally about half-way through this pregnancy! holler. 

Here I am in the lovely target dressing room...

maternity clothes? just for pants mostly, but tops are needing to be long or maternity or my belly will hang out. i'll avoiding buying too many maternity clothes, but need the weather to warm up because i only have warm weather maternity clothes. 

symptoms? dry heaving, gagging frequently if anything grosses me out (milk, coffee, eggs to name a few), tired (low energy in general), hungry...moody? i think i can attribute that to pregnancy...

sleep? still so sleepy. conk out around 9:30 and wake around 6:30

movement? flutters and spins and kicks occasionally, but my anterior placenta makes it harder to feel movement

cravings? hmm still have more aversions. i did crave chocolate chip cookies last night, but we did not have supplies to make them. 

gender? baby girl! 

belly button? um, can you see it in that picture? i have belly button issues. it hurts if i get full. 

pretty much just itching to get through the winter. new england living is no joke. there is icy cold snow on the ground, which will probably remain until the weather gets a little warmer than freezing. hoping march is kind to us! 

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