fall is here, people.

photo credit / michael curtis

life lately has been crazy. the fall is always crazy for philip's schedule, but adding another baby to mix has made it feel a little crazier. still good, but a little nutso. my patience starts to run thin with judah especially at the end of the day as we have never been able to get him to sleep well. my to do list often feels like i can't possibly get through it all and i generally don't. i am spending way more time on laundry than i ever have and coffee is one of my most faithful bffs.

i'm so not ready to part with summer. having a baby in the middle of the summer sort of changed how the summer felt. we also weren't here for the first time in seven years. i was looking forward to the break, but it's also like our little adventure we go on every summer and i hope we'll get to continue.

i've been sampling fall beers. i'm not much of a beer person, but so far i like this one.

jude took a liking to baking this summer. mainly he likes the results, but this has been my favorite recipe we have made this fall. we first tried the full fat version because it got such good reviews, but will try the healthier one soon.

i'm really liking this swaddle that i borrowed from a friend. it make sense to have room for the babies' arms to come up since both of my children used to fight the traditional swaddle.

i'm so glad to finally have some energy back to put into my little shop. during the pregnancy i thought one delightful button might be toast because of my lack of desire and energy, but its still kicking. enjoying making this new fun item lately..

we will eventually switch to cloth diapers, but right now i am loving these diapers. i love what they are made of and i can't handle the cute patterns. the price actually does seem reasonable too and the customer service is excellent.

also, did you read this? i still love starbucks, but am hoping they will start to have organic milk and clean up their ingredients. i'm hooked on this lady's blog.

that's all for now folks. happy monday!

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