about katie

katie is the owner, maker, mastermind behind one delightful button and this blog (obvi!). she lives in the north shore of boston with her husband, philip.

and their two sweet children, jude and carter.

katie juggles motherhood, running a small business and leading young life, which is why blogging generally at the bottom of the to do list. katie also an INFP which means a lot of times katie have great ideas (like this blog), but then i don't follow through.

enough of the third person talk...

i first thought this would be a home blog. we bought our house pictured in our blog in 2009 and did a TON of work to it. we tried to document some of it. what i discovered is, i am a pretty lazy blogger and philip does most of the work. so this place is a major hodge podge, but such is life.