Christmas Card Wreath

I got this idea from an old Martha Stewart magazine this season. It is a Christmas card wreath. It was super easy - I just wish we would get more Christmas cards so I can fill it up! 

Here's how you do it...

  • Embroidery Circle
  • Clothes pins
  • Strong glue (I used Aileen's Craft Glue)
  • Ribbon
  1. Spread out your clothespins facing alternating directions evenly around the circle
  2. Glue them into place & let dry for however long it requires
  3. Tie up nicely with a fun ribbon
I feel like I didn't need to type that out it was so easy. Seriously. I don't normally have it sitting in the window, but my house is a mess with renovations & I wanted it in the sunlight...So there is it. 

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