life is good lately

I realized Saturday morning that I am enjoying being pregnant right now. I don't feel the greatest in the mornings still, but Thursday during Campaigners I felt the baby move for real. Before I think it was just gas, but now I know how to recognize him. I sat outside on Sunday & read my Hypnobirthing book - which is another post and just could feel the little guy do some somersaults & kick type motions. He seems to be pretty active right now, but I am trying not to obsess over it because they say you do not need to count movements until 28 weeks. On top of that though we found out that my placenta is low-lying, I think is what they said meaning that if it doesn't move there is a chance we'll need a c-section & makes it less likely for me to feel movements because the placenta is making it harder for me to feel movements.

Anywho, yahoo for a good report. I had been nervous for the 20 week appointment so we are very grateful that everything looked good. Some have said the baby looks like Philip. May I just say that I think that is absurd!? The ultrasound tech said that babies do look different, but she thought he had my nose, not Philip (PTL...no offense Philip ;))

20.5 weeks (taken this past Saturday)
I'm starting to collect some pregnancy clothes finally. It has been really hard to know what to wear. I can wear a lot of my normal things if I improvise a little. I'm wear a beach cover up with leggings....hmm.

More pictures to come!

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  1. You look adorable Katie! Glad to hear that everything's going well!


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