20 weeks & counting

Philip has been working hard on the house & I have been working hard on growing this baby. Well, it mostly just does it's thing & I just try to be healthy. But I cannot believe how the baby has grown. We have our big ultrasound (20weeks) on Monday - though I wil l be 21 weeks then, but I went in this week without Philip because of chronic chest pains. (They think its costochondritis, which is swelling of the rib cage). But then they checked the babies' heart beat, which was normal & then dropped & then went back to normal. She promptly sent me to get an ultrasound to make sure everything is fine. At this point, I am like, why did I tell Philip not to come!?? And just sit and pray that everything is okay.

The ultrasound nurse is wonderful - she said everything is fine, the baby was just moving around a lot. And has continued to, by the way. It is really cool to feel...and a little strange...but very cool. I could see the baby's heart beating and arms moving...really amazing & exciting that we still get to go back on Monday for the detail ultrasound.

How cool is that? I just can't believe that is inside of me. Oh & it's a boy! Surprise...I was very surprised, but I guess the old wives tales about being sick, etc really aren't true. Two people (one being my mother) have said he looks like Philip. But seriously, that makes me ROFL. There is no way that is true, although I hope he does look like Philip.

Currently I'm having fun collecting cute baby boy things. My favorite I think is the baby blue hoodie sweater that my mom couldn't say no to.

Lots has been happening around the house...but I'll save that for another post soon.

happy weekend!!

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  1. Congratulations on the boy! I just wanted to tell you that I went to three doctors in one week for my chest pains and heard the same thing- my ribs and the surrounding area were stretching. I couldn't believe it, but rest assured it's short-lived and does go away.


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