36 weeks pregnant!

We just broke the news to Lucy about her baby brother. She took it pretty well, but it's convinced of how it's going to change her life. Philip said the other day he thinks she has attachment issues. Poor Luce.

I am 36 weeks pregnant today! Holy Moly! And our 3 year wedding wedding anniversary I will be 37...which is a full term baby! Woo hoo! People have continued to tell me how small I look. The baby was in the 80th percentile of size at our 34 week ultrasound, which reminds me that most people don't know what they are talking about.


  1. Congratulations!

    You think they don't know what they are talking about now, wait until they tell you how to parent! LOL


  2. love you!! the nursery looks awesome - so excited to meet baby bowling. xo!


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