34 weeks & home from camp

It feels like we ran a marathon. I didn't mention this prior, but the last month we spent at Rockbridge, a Young Life camp nestled in the mountains of Virginia. It was great. We got to be a part of something bigger than ourselves and see lives changes. It wasn't the easiest place to grow a baby. Overall it was good, but I left with a cold & am exhausted & missed fresh food. 

I have started to feel like my belly hasn't grown. Baby is in the 80th percentile in size....so I guess we are still on target. He already weighs about 5.5lbs.....and I have 6 weeks left! (Please don't get too big little baby...) Here are a few snapshots of me at camp...(mostly around 32 weeks)

Looking at these pictures...it is starting to make sense why it is so uncomfortable to be on my feet right now.

The nursery is finally coming along. Will post pictures soon.

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  1. you look great! hang in there- the summer heat will pass before long!


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