may travels...bring june travels.

**sorry i have been mia for a month! we are in the process of moving. i think i may post more on that soon if i have time. below is an update of may. 

jude's been busy. so have we. 
the little man has just taken off in the past few weeks. full fledged crawling. no more army crawl. pulling up to his knees. then pulling up to his feet. then pulling up and doing laps around the perimeter of his crib. 

my travels started in richmond to see one of my very best friends, stacy (pictured on left). i wish i could link to her blog, but despite how witty she is she does not have one. (peer pressure)

then we hit up blacksburg. jude hit up the pool. there we are on the right sitting in the shallow end. going to a pool is not as relaxing as it was in high school. 

then we went on a little vacation with philip's family in marion, virginia. jude and i are pictured on the right in our little log cabinesque room. very fun. it was great to be with family before getting prepared for our big move. on the right are some balloon i hung with fishing wire (thank you pinterest)

thats all for now. seriously. maybe more on the north shore soon. xo.

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  1. awww...little man is so cute! i love his two little teethers!

    thanks for sharing!

    your newest follower....Danielle

  2. Cute pictures, I love when they get those first teeth on bottom! Have a great weekend!
    Carolyn http://sillyhappysweet.blogspot.com

  3. Great shots! I'm still learning to use mine! All my photos are so grainy and blurry!! I may have to stick with my Nikon a while longer! My fave of all has to be the one of the left, bottom row!! How awesome!!


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