a few more saranac pics

a little family kayak trip
it was a pretty quick trip. jude was not such a fan of sitting still a kayak. 

 jude and dad hanging out in the club room.

 a christmas themed party. i ALWAYS love anything christmas. 

 some of my gal pals for the month. proudly wearing my gap outlet $10 skirt. yes please.

 we got a little downtime together last saturday. philip & jude playing on beach. 

a crummy quality pic...but one delightful button goods at the camp store at saranac!

it's been an awesome month as we get ready for our big move! 



  1. I love Jude's thick little legs. I'm a mom- don't think I'm creepy- I just notice cute stuff like that now. :)

    PS- love the new blog design

    1. Haha - i know Ashley! They are so chunky! Thanks...I've been trying to work on it lately :)


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