it's almost over.

our month at saranac is winding down. i know there is one full week left, but after spending three weeks here, i know how this last week will fly. and it's sad, but okay at the same time.

we are the verge of major life transition. moving to the north shore of boston. what philip reminds me when i get anxious about it is two things. God is good is going to take care of us there like he has in the past. and that this doesn't change. this meaning the three people in the pictures above. we still get to be us. we still get at end the day together at home. i'm sad to leave my friends here at saranac and to see the end of one of my favorite times of the year (summer & young life assignment), but there is an excitement in us for what is next...

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  1. oh enjoy the journey! we moved from ohio to oklahoma back to ohio and it was quite a ride!!!

    have a great weekend!


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