11 months.

where did the time go?!

jude is eleven months and a week or so.

some things about him now...

+  super active boy! if he gets fussy, it's usually because he is being restricted. if he bumps his head, he wants to be consoled then he wants to get back down to keep playing.

+ weighs 24lbs and is a little over 30" tall  - in 75th percentile for everything

+  standing on his own. occasionally taking a step or too, but not yet walking

+  loves cabinets, doors, drawers, strollers...anything he can play with that doesn't look like a baby toy

+  can stick out his tongue and blow bubbles, wiggle his fingers across his lips to make funny noises

+  is sleeping much better...about 11 hours solid

+  loves to flip through books, but does not really want to be read to

+  loves cheerios, blueberries, sweet potatoes and cheddar cheese

+ loves to laugh (builds my self-confidence daily by laughing at me when)

his first birthday will be here before i know it...

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