sleep deprivation and what not.

let's just say i am tired.


j-money is giving me a run for my money these days.

i said in this post that he started sleeping through the night again. well we took a few steps back again. the last two nights i think he woke up at 3am cried for a half hour, 4: 45am and then finally up for the day around 6:45am. this is particularly difficult because philip has been out almost every night this week and we usually end up talking about our days for a little bit. i know this last bit is a little foolish, but when you have not seen your husband all day sometimes that's what you choose to do.

i'm guessing it's the move. why is my angel baby who is generally very happy during the day suddenly waking up three times at night angrily? the latest advice we have gotten is to let him cry. that if you don't, they will learn to cry until you get them. that i am training him at night. the problem is, he isn't getting it. or it's taking awhile.

also, sidebar, dr. sears, i do not like you. i happen to pick up a book by dr. sears on sleeping and after reading a few pages, i need to get rid of it as soon as possible. if it weren't a library book, i would throw it away. co-sleeping...attachment...guilt for letting your child cry...i am going to leave it at that.

jude and i are really enjoying one another during the day. that's the upside. and i am also really enjoying coffee. thank you, God, for coffee. and for this sweet boy too. i sure do love him and sure do wish he would sleep.

any other moms out there with any tricks or tips...i welcome them...

happy friday, ya'll...here's hoping for a little bit of rest...

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  1. I feel you on this one. Luke was on a streak of waking up screaming throughout the night and during naps to no avail. He never slept more than 3 hrs at a time for almost a week! I took him to the pediatrician for some advice only to find out that his ears were both "wildly infected" according to the doc. Um, oops. Luke never ran a fever, never pulled at his ears and was pleasant and fun during the day. Now the ear infections are gone (I think) and we are back to napping and sleeping through the night...most of the time. Not saying your boy has an ear infection, just sharing my first-time mom story.


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