craft room revealed

 welcome to my happy space. it is still in progress, but after listening to a simple mom podcast recently where she mentioned how rooms are always works in progress, i figured, why not just recognize that it will probably not be perfect, but this is how it is now and it has come a long way.

this former attic is my craft space where i blog, sew and create and also serves as jude's playroom, but i'll save his playroom for another day.

disclaimer: totally still a mess. disclaimer: probably always will be.

so the room is basically a loft - baby gated for the crazy little man. intially i thought his play room would be on the side my things are on. then with all the low walls, i realized i would never be able to relax and trust him on that side of the room by himself so i had to get creative on how i would make that side of the room mine.

there are basically three stations. first is my desk. i ship, print labels, blog, email, etc from here. i love this old desk. it was mine growing up and fortunately my parents let me keep it.
pier one chair from years ago, tj maxx rug
directly behind my desk is my lovely little crafting station. from here - if jude ever is old enough to safely play by himself, i will be able to see him from this desk. the desk is made from an old door we got at antique store for $20 - sawed in half, sanded, painted and attached to the walls. 

i love my old dewey decimal library card organizer that i store supplies in. i keep my goals on a clipboard. right now below you can see my washi tape on a rope. it works for now as storage and is easy to take with me if i need it somewhere else. my husband recently added shelves along the walls recycled from an old bookshelf we tore out of our house. 

i use this old coke crate to store tags. 

station number 3. sewing area. 

k from anthropologie, ikea lamp
my husband hung the ribbons on a dowel that i can take on an off. saves lots of space - and is pretty too.

lots of buttons...
we doubled my shelf space by doing mason jars underneath the shelf as well.

and then as you head back down the stairs, i used the ledge as a book shelf. my grandmother's train case stores extra less used supplies and serves as bookend.

we'll tour jude's playroom soon.

thanks for reading. hope it gave you some ideas for craft storage and inspiration!


  1. love your workspace -- it looks like the perfect place to be creative! xo


  2. so fun! I love that everything isn't new or store-bought, but original & repurposed. darlin!


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