nemo came to us. and we loved him and we said we love you nemo, we'll take you any day over a hurricane!

the snow started really coming down late friday night - we unfortunately had to cancel our leader overnight trip in maine, which now seems like a distant memory.

nemo dumped about 2 feet of snow on our little town north of boston. we are too small for an "official" measurement apparently, but the neighboring towns got around that and the snow drifts made it very hard to measure.

lots of snow has meant a lot of inside time...wearing yoga pants...hot cocoa...mochas...homemade popcorn. the things dreams are made of.

we got outside briefly. jude has been sick and he's 16 months....so we didn't feel like he could spend much time outside, but it was a lot of fun for 15 minutes. here's philip and jude in the street - which had been plowed through the night. 

jude's first time sledding...

let's see how long this snow thing stays fun for....


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  1. sorry your little nugget hasn't been feeling well :( but glad he got to sled! that's so cute! :)


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