an honest review of the lappjung rug

I have been thinking about doing this review for awhile so here we are. Perhaps you have seen this IKEA rug online. I am sure that's the first place I saw it. I think I saw it initially on a home blog or two and then on IKEA's website. 

Perhaps you saw it looking cute here on a beautiful mess' blog... 

It wasn't exactly what I had in mind for our living room, but it was $70 at IKEA so I thought it was worth a shot. (They have re-done the style of it and took off the pop of color on the edges and upped the price a little bit) I thought "let's be trendy hipsters." Okay, that was not my total thought process, but it is a very trendy rug that may be out of style by next spring. How long can the tribal trend last anyway?

So we brought it home and laid it out and eventually decided to keep it. 

(we have a made a few changes to the living room since these pictures)

However, that was then and this is now. 

The rug is cute. Yes. I still enjoy my living room and feeling like I am on top of current fashion trends for the season, but unless you like to see every single speck of dirt, etc. that lands on your carpet I would not recommend this rug. The white seems to make any little thing that does not belong on the carpet a little more obvious. And as seen in the photo above almost looks like it has weird smudges of black on it now. 

Plus I am not a vacuum the living room every day kind of gal. (does that type of gal exist?) I don't mind say 2-3 times a week, but I feel like 5 days a week is asking a lot and that's the maintenance of this rug demands. Boo. 

Perhaps this rug could work in a bedroom or an office, a room that does not have a lot of traffic, but our living room gets a lot of use. I am not sure how much longer me and the lappljung rug's relationship is going to last. 

Do you have this rug? Do you have a different impression? Or is it just the result of having any rug with white in it? 


  1. Thank you for posting this! I have been thinking about getting this rug and I, like you, am not a vacuum every day kind of gal. It's refreshing to see someone post an honest review on a design post. Thanks!

    1. Thanks Rebecca! I love the way it looks, but it just was not a good rug for us! Good luck finding one for your house.

  2. I have this rug in my living room, a high traffic area, and somewhat agree that dirt tends to show after a few days. However I find vacuuming 5 days a week excessive (more like twice per week) and it's been fine. I definitely do not get the black smudges as shown in the photo and love how it livens up the living room. I would recommend it for sure. (Note: I have a cat so I collect clumps of hair pretty regularly, which is not exclusive to the rug.)


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