bridal parties

hello all. 
i feel like i should start with a greeting because i so rarely blog. i honestly think about blogging a few times a week. but then...i just do not. so sorry if you were wondering the scuttlebutt is in my world, you could just check instagram or twitter

we had a very full summer that i have a few pictures i can share soon, but for now i wanted to share a new idea i had. i occasionally do bridal party gifts and love getting to be a part of that special day! 

so i wanted to make one delightful button a little bit more accessible to brides....

(these two weddings are both friends from richmond, va and they are wearing one delightful button earrings)

for bridal parties, we are doing a discount - that is already added in & you can simply purchase the number you need for your bridal party. i can customize from earrings i already have listed or do a special fabric or color flower to fit your wedding colors. 

and then i will do custom gift wrapping for your bridesmaids...
or specify that you would just like for me to send the gift wrapping supplies 
and you can wrap them yourself. (this might be helpful if you chose different earrings for different bridesmaids)

not a bad deal if i do say so myself. 

be back soon? maybe? 

happy monday! 

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