jude is two!

how fitting that we celebrated at saranac, our second home? with our crazy fall schedule - my sister emily gets married in early november plus the normal crazy fall Young Life schedule, we decided just to keep it simple and celebrate at camp since we were going to be there on Jude's actual birthday. our 30 leaders and leaders in training helped sing to Judah and I made oatmeal cookies and put mini reeses in them. i also made one of my fall favorites a pumpkin spice latte. 

we seem to have hit the terrible twos early, but jude seems to be turning a corner and is more and more fun and lovable every day. 

a few words about judah at two
+ loves to play with trucks, trains, anything that pushes
+ is saying more and more every day, but is still not a big talker
+ favorite word: no (this can be frustrating at times...) & truck
+ favorite book: oddly enough, a book that my parents had made about me when I was baby seems to be one of his faves
+ sleeps through the night 7ish pm - 6ish am, but we still wish he was a little later of a sleeper
+ loves thomas the train & anything on trucks
+ still loves the nursery or any opportunity to play with other kids & new toys
+ when we say i love you, he will come and give us a kiss 

here is a quick video from camp of the north shore leaders singing to jude (sorry the quality is being funny)

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