thoughts on sleep.

i miss it.

since we moved the summer before last, jude has been on a baaaad sleeping track. from what i can remember, he slept ok in Virginia. once we started the moving process last summer, he started waking in the middle of the night. that became a habit all summer long that took until october of last year.

however, he never has slept as late as he used to. i am afraid he is just one of those people that doesn't need a ton of sleep. philip is sort of like that. i happen to be one of those people that prefers a lot of sleep. i am not exactly a night or morning person, but i just like to have enough sleep.

right now our schedule has been:  bed time around 7-7:30pm. jude used to sleep until 6am (which was still a struggle for me), but despite it getting darker in the mornings and black out curtains AND blinds (!), jude has been waking at 5am. argggg. plus even if we just let him cry it out or give him his pacifier, he is too noisy for us to continue to sleep and i know he can get out of crib, which is somewhat terrifying.

so, please, anyone out there have any sleep tips for two-year-olds?

we love having the evenings that philip is actually home to ourselves, but i desperately miss sleeping past 5-6am. we also have never noticed a difference with his sleep no matter what time he goes to bed. homeboy has not slept in since i do not know when.

oh, also to cope, we have taken turns getting up with Jude. i do not know how we would make it otherwise. oh and coffee. and jesus.
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*is this post too dramatic? i'm sorry. 

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  1. when you get some tips, please forward them to me. Luke goes to bed between 8:00-8:30, but thumps around in his crib for at least a half-hour before finally crashing. He is up by 5:00 every morning as well, regardless of how many hours he slept the night before or how much he naps during the day. All I can say is, whenever baby #2 rolls around for you guys, you'll already be adjusted to the no-sleep thing. :)


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