some news!

So I guess it's time we officially make an announcement on here. Sorry for the lack of any posts lately. I have not been feeling well because...we are pregnant! 

We took this photo earlier this week around 13.5 weeks. It's hard to tell, but my belly seemed to have popped right out. I, of course, thought, maybe twins, but my midwife said, one, we would not be able to tell yet and, two, with second babies often the stomach muscles are just looser. 

It made is a lot easier to hide the pregnancy. First of all, my sister got married when I was around 5 weeks pregnant. So I had to tell a few family members because it would be fairly obvious that I was not drinking over the weekend. 

Then around 6 weeks, I really turned a bad corner and started to feel sick as a dog. I also got a little bit depressed...maybe pregnancy hormones mixed with the seasons turning to FREEZING. (New England, sometimes I hate you so hard. It gets dark at 4:19, people.) 

I pretty much have experienced every symptom in the book lately: 
  • Queasiness
  • Occasional vomiting
  • Extreme tiredness (going to bed at 8:30pm, taking an afternoon nap)
  • Fatigue
  • Highly emotional
  • Food aversions (few cravings...just most things grossed me out)
  • Frequent bathroom trips (for awhile I was getting up 5plus times in a night) 
  • Crazy, vivid weird dreams
I think those are the highlights....good times! Some things have subsided as the second trimester has started though. It has not been smooth sailing, but we are really grateful to be expecting a new baby around July 1st. 

Also, flashback to my pregnancy with Jude at 14 weeks. Pretty sure I had to push out my stomach a little bit to even look this far along. 

Hope you are enjoying your last day of 2013! We are planning on making shrimp and broccoli pasta and homemade ice cream...and probably going to bed before the turn of the new year...



  1. Congrats! You are adorable!!!

    1. Thanks Elizabeth! Not feeling so adorable lately so appreciate your kind words!

  2. Woohoo! You always look cute and even better with a little bump!


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