Five things on Friday

I started this post last week...apparently it takes me two weeks to write a really short post...here goes nothing...

1. My little sister got married last weekend! Crazy stuff.

2. Fun printed burlap from Joann's! Made this little banner with the burlap and some bias tape.  (Also note the one picture in the window pane. I can't decide if I want pictures in it or for it just to be simple...)
3. I am loving this book

4. We got this chair at a flea market for free. The price is hard to beat - free-ninety-free - but I am not sure if I can recover it or if it will end up on the side of the road in our neighborhood shortly. 

5. I am bracing myself for the Christmas season, which I am anticipating starting now. It sort of makes me sad. I love Christmas, but I am hoping fall doesn't get ushered out too quickly seeing as the the winter will surely be long in New England. 

Happy Weekend! 

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  1. Love your bunting and windowpane! You could go either way- pictures or plain.

  2. Hey friend! I want to line up some guest posts for the week or two after Georgia Kate arrives. Would you be interested? I was thinking you could do a post about your business and maybe your favorite gift ideas for the holidays? Or if you'd rather just share something else not business-related, that's fine too! Just shoot me an email if you're interested (teacherpollock@gmail.com) Thanks!


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