30 week update

I guess I missed a few updates considering the last time I posted was for the 20 week update. We are alive. I am finding New England spring to be almost as cruel as the winter. We had one beautiful 70 degree day followed by a dip back into the 40s and now we have settled back into the 50s again. I suppose I should be grateful for that and that we can go outside if we want even if its not under the sunny circumstances I had hoped. 

Here I am at 30.5 weeks pregnant. In April. In a Fleece which will most likely be my wardrobe until the weather decides I can wear the rest of my maternity clothes. You can somewhat see the bump hiding under there. 

maternity clothes? yes - almost always. i don't know how many of my judah pregnancy clothes i will be wearing considering it was hottt. i still can wear regular leggings and maxi skirts are my best friends. 

symptoms? on the downside, i have had a stubborn sinus infection for about 2.5 weeks. on the upside, i couldn't smell an ounce so nothing was really bothering me as far as smells. still need a big breakfast to not feel sick in the morning. heartburn. big appetite, but starting to feel full really quickly. uncomfortable bending over, etc. 

sleep? pretty sleepy, some sleep disturbance, but mostly from my two year old that seems to be having a night terror type thing and gets upset when he realizes the lights are not on in his room at 2am. 

movement? some crazy movements, but i like them. the midwife said she thinks she is head down. 

cravings? pickles still, fried calamari....salty things

gender? baby girl! 

belly button?  i have belly button issues. it is like a third nipple. you can even see it come to a point through the sweatshirt. 

almost 31 weeks! maybe i'll get another bump update before july...

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