i always enjoy these posts from other people so here we go. also, that's my toddler and his choice spot for nap time today...

Making: last minute orders for a few more Young Life camps
Cooking: when i have to...so tired...
Drinking: red raspberry leaf tea 
Reading: Notes from A Blue Bike by Tsh
Wanting: rest + energy...
Looking: for signs of spring (and am seeing some!)
Playing: legos (or as Jude calls them - yoyokings - not sure how he landed on that name)
Wasting: time playing 2048 #evilgame
Wishing: for energy to finish getting baby stuff ready
Enjoying: seeing green leaves from my bedroom rather than bare branches
Waiting: for Philip's last busy stretch of work to wrap up for the semester 
Liking: hamburgers, fried calamari...fresh strawberries...
Wondering: when baby girl will arrive
Loving: baby girl clothes that people have gifted us with
Hoping: to figure out how to get my toddler to sleep
Needing: a nap. did i mention i'm tired?
Smelling: currently nothing - pregnancy congestion...
Wearing: all maternity clothes or my husband's tshirts
Noticing: how big my belly has gotten
Knowing: we are near the end of this pregnancy!
Thinking: about how to organize their shared nursery
Feeling: sleepy + uncomfortable
Bookmarking: info on essential oils 
Opening: old boxes of jude's clothes to sort
Giggling: when Jude says "oh toodles!" (mickey mouse club house quote)
Feeling: proud that i found the best mexican restaurant my husband has had since VA...that's a big deal to us... 

happy weekend!

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