19 week update

Wow, please no comments about what I am wearing. This was taken at 17 weeks & I am 19 weeks now, but haven't had a chance to get a new picture. I really do apologize for the outfit. Stretch pants are my favorite thing now. I have a belly band, but I just don't like wearing that over my jeans. I feel like I am always have to make sure it is adjusted correctly. 

Life is good though I am still nauseous. I cannot believe it really. I got sick the past 4 days but today took B6, wore Sea Bands and took every precaution I could think of. 

I am starting to not fit into my clothes anymore. As pictured above. Work clothes is a real struggle because I have not bought any official maternity clothes yet, but a lot of my old clothes are snug and fit me funny now.

I am still waiting for that "burst" of energy in the second trimester. I have still felt very tired - maybe I am just lazy. It's hard to tell.

We got a ton done over SB11, or should I say Philip got a lot done? I'll post pictures soon.

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