my blog has been so neglected!

Every couple days my sister, Emily, suggests I should blog. Not sure why...we talk occasionally so she has other methods of getting information from me. But I would like to be blogging more - so here I am & hopefully will get on a little blogging kick again this July!

I am way more pregnant than I was last time I blogged. 29 weeks and a few days! I actually have started to lose track occasionally because I do not obsess over every week like I did early on. I am about 28 weeks in this picture and don't tell me I look small. I have found that to be a pet peeve. I sometimes get comments on looking small - like my belly looking small - however being 5'8" the baby has a lot more space to grow....kapeesh? Ok, I'll get down off my soap box.

me & my boo at Windy Gap - hard to see the baby bump in the slimming black dress ;)
Things have been good. Our little boy has been pretty active, but unfortunately because I have an anterior placenta I can't always feel him. I freaked out while we were at summer camp because I could not feel him move for a bit...went to the emergency room in Ashville and they put him on the monitor. He was fine & was moving so much it was hard for them to keep track, but I still couldn't feel a lot of it. So we are very grateful everything has gone smoothly so far.

Here's another picture where I look a little more pregnant...
with my cabin of girls at Windy Gap
Lots more to share....but I will stop there for now.

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