window seat complete

We actually finished the window seat a month ago, but I have not had a chance to post it. So here she is...

There is a hinge on the back center area for storage inside, which is great. However, this was the state of the dining room after the project was finished.

It's a really awkward room I think because it is the room you enter into at the front door, but it's pretty big and has high ceilings. Philip had "dropped the gauntlet" as he liked to say meaning I had a goal to finish it before the end of May. Well, it is not finished. I liked the challenge, but it just did not happen with all we had going on in May and then June. 

This is the vision I had though...

I liked the idea of the bench actually being used for seating at the table. Then we have more of a sitting area to the right. We haven't really worked all the kinks out, but that's the idea. Of course, Philip is on the table because the swag light will have to be moved above the table. 

More progress on the room soon! Any thoughts? 

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  1. TI think it looks great and that's a good idea for seating at the dining table. I would pout a cool bright colored cushion on it and make some matching fabric art to hang.



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