how i got the stroller of my dreams

As I mentioned in previous posts I had a hard time making up my mind on a stroller. Let's just say I have expensive taste and not the wallet to match. I had started looking for strollers on Craigslist...with some potentially interesting options, but nothing worth following up with.

One Saturday in June Philip and I set aside the morning to do some yard sale shopping. (One of my favorite things to do on the weekends...especially with all the steals you can get on baby stuff!) I had mapped out a few places to go and before we left I packed $100 cash and I decided so search on craigslist one more time. However, I decided this time to search "bugaboo yard sale." I had not even seen a bugaboo listed on craigslist in our area, but then...the first post that pops up was a yard sales with a bugaboo stroller at it in Virginia Beach! woo hoo!

So we rush over to the address listed, trying not to get my hopes up. I tell myself if it is red, I will be interested. Nice neutral option. And if it is less than $200. We pull up and I can see the red stroller sitting there and Philip drops me off. I casually pretend to be interested in the stroller before other people can get a good look at it. The owner (the father, thankfully the mom was not home!) showed us how the features worked and all the accessories they had purchased. I would guess valued at over $1000 - mind you - about 5 years old. But the model had not really changed.

We offer him the $100 we have and he asks for $125. Philip goes to scrounge up any spare change we have in the car and we make out like bandits!

I am so grateful & excited to use our stroller once the babe arrives...could be any day now by the way.

Here she is in all her yard sale glory...

Total purchase for $123: 
...New Bugaboo Stroller - $880 new
....Hot Pink Fabric covering (to swap out with the red) - $99 new
...Black Fleece Fabric covering (also another option to swap out) - $99 new
...cup holder $25 new
...rain cover $49 new
...upgraded bassinet mattress $??
Total $1152...booya!

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