4 week update (almost 1 month!)

I don't know that I'll really do a full on update every week, but I will try to post his picture at least.

He is a big little guy. We go for a doctors appt on Friday, but I feel like he has packed on some pounds. He is officially out of his newborn clothes and mostly wears 0-3, sometimes 3 months & occasionally a 6 month if it is big.

Life is great right now. Still having some hard nights, like last night, where he was up from 1:30-3am. We still have him in the room with us...which I really love. Love love love. I just like knowing he is nearby and when he sounds like he spit up I can grab him and burp him again. Or if he drops the pacifier I can pop it in his mouth, but I understand there could be some negative consequences of this.

Did you co-sleep? Or have the baby in the room? When did you change it up?

We are starting Babywise. I'll try to do a longer post on its progress and some early thoughts, but I'd love any feedback from moms that have done the same.

I can hardly believe its almost been a month. Life moves fast.


  1. At 12 weeks Luke still sleeps in our room and we ALL love it. We dont share the bed; instead he has a hammock/bassinet thing that he sleeps in adjacent to my side of the bed. It is so great for middle-of-the-night feedings or if I just want to check and make sure he is breathing. (don't all moms do this?!)
    I read Babywise prior to having Luke and was all for it. Then I met my baby and heard him cry. I decided right then that there's no way I could let him cry to justify my need for a schedule. Amazingly enough he put himself on his own schedule by 8 weeks (asleep by 9:00 or 9:30, awake once to nurse and then asleep again until 5:00 or 6:00) and we are all better because of it. I say stick it out as long as you can letting Judah run the show.
    Have you read "The Happiest Baby on the Block?" It is much more my type of thinking when it comes to parenting those first few months. I think it's a good balance of parenting styles - not too rigid but not attachment parenting either.
    Sorry to ramble in the longest comment ever! Enjoy this time - it's gone all too soon!

  2. So adorable!!

    My baby won't be joining us until April (we can't wait) but we are planning on having the bassinet in the room until we feel that the baby is old enough to be alone in their room.

    Thank you for your updates, it is very encouraging and inspiring to a first mommy-to-be :)

  3. Thanks for your thoughts Ashley. I don't want him to leave the room yet and agree about the just wanted to check on him occasionally!

    And thanks Jacy. I'm glad its been helpful. Good luck with your pregnancy!


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