why do you blog?

As I am beginning to have a bit more free time (...well some days I have more free time...some days not...)...I am considering trying to blog more frequently. I have a glitch though. I am not sure what the heart of my blog is. When I started blogging last year, I mentioned it to a friend - who told me - make sure your blog has a focus. Like...a blog about home design...or a blog about my life...or a blog about my business...or a blog about fill in the blank...I thought well I don't know what my focus is.

It kind of started as home renovations - inspired by Young House Love. But we have slowed down on projects and I also found that I didn't really like documenting all of the project and then trying to write about it. And that honestly - Philip was doing the work and I mostly had no idea how.

Then I would sometimes blog about my business....or random ramblings on stuff...or just our life...and now the baby. Pretty much all baby lately...sorry people...but its hard for me to think about much else besides this little bugaboo recently.

So I would say my blog is in the identity crisis phase was a possibility of fizzling to nothing. Or maybe its going somewhere FABULOUS.

Another piece of advice I have heard is to blog in way that serves as a tool for readers. But again, I am not sure that I really am offering readers much...if I have any readers...I don't know who they are (besides that little news feed telling me someone has stopped by....)

So - in short - do you blog? Why!? 


  1. keep the blog going. do more stuff with your business and crafts. also, more pics of lucy would be good.

  2. Thanks Em. I am thinking about it. Lucy who?

    Just kidding! I still love Lucy dog.

  3. I don't know how I found your blog when I did, but I know I actually read it because the post had your pup in it. And I have a miniature dachshund as well.

    I think blogs are strange, they're a way to connect to other people, but without actually connecting. I don't know you. I have no idea who you are, really. But I still enjoy reading tidbits of what's going on. It's kind of strange, actually, but whatever.

    I enjoy reading about home improvement, because I own an old house that I'm working on myself. I enjoy reading about recipes, or dogs, or family because I have all of those things too. I like hearing about other handmade businesses because that's how I provide for myself.

    I think having a focus is overrated. Maybe that's why I myself don't have many followers. But really, I'd contribute that more to my late inability to actually post on any sort of a regular schedule.

    So now that this go extra lengthy, I was just trying to say keep blogging. Don't worry about what other people tell you to do. Do what you wanna do. And your new babe is SUPER cute, Congrats!

  4. Thanks Erin. That's helpful. Your shop is so cute!

  5. I say keep blogging about it all. We blog because we relate to others and you have readers because they relate to your interests- that's your focus. Your blog IS your business, your home renovations, your pup and your newest addition. :) Keep it up. I love reading!

  6. This comment is a little late, but I definitely think your blog has focus. It's about YOU, which I absolutely love. I love that I can feel somewhat connected to your life, even though we've lost touch over the years. I started my blog (yes, I know I've been bad about keeping up with it!) to keep in touch with family and friends since I'm so far away. It's impossible to keep in touch with everyone in our lives, but it's nice to know that the people that I still love are happy and healthy.


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